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Good. Not great.

Kingsdown Regal

Jan 15, 2019 1:13 PM
Location: Chilliwack
Bought the queen size and after approximately two years started to get a body depression in the middle. I am 280 lb so maybe to be expected? Well, by year three was too bad for two people to sleep on it. We contacted Sleep Country warranty claim service, as we bought it at a local Sleep Country Store. They sent us a link to the website and we filed the appropriate pictures and information. 4 days later we got an email authorizing full replacement cost for a mattress of our choice. So while I feel the mattress may not be the best as far as our experience goes the customer service was excellent. The warranty did exactly what it was set up and said to do.
Date Purchased: Jan 2016
Price Paid: $1000
Recommend: Yes


Very comfortable, and a nice mattress for the price.


It's sad that it seems to be a very common problem with the Kingsdown mattress. That is body depressions after two to three years.
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Do not buy this matress

Kingsdown Estate

Jul 29, 2018 8:44 PM
A purchasing customer
Location: Ark
Kings down is a very uncomfortable matress. Buy it if you like no sleep with a neck and headache till the point of vomiting and hearing ringing in the ears.
Date Purchased: Jul29 2018
Price Paid: $328
Recommend: No


Theres nothing so far unless you like to feel pain.


To hard of a matress for a plush.
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Please reconsider

Kingsdown BodyMotion

Apr 10, 2018 9:26 AM
Location: Virginia
Purchased a Kingsdown mattress after the 3 min bed match stated it was suited to myself and my husband. What a joke. The salesperson led us in that direction, however it was our choice. He stated mattress is new and needed a "breaking in" period. We knew by 2nd night this mattress was not going to wk. Recently had back surgery. Went back to mattress warehouse and was told to give it at least 7 days. Then returned after 9 days and was told couldn't exchange for 30 days. I called the Kingsdown comp. And customer service could have cared less. After the 30 days had to pay an additional 115.00 plus difference in price 400.00 to get a different mattress. A more familiar brand. Please take this review seriously. It has caused increased back pain, shoulder /hip pain. Toss and turn. On average 2 hrs sleep per night, and this company could care less.
Date Purchased: 3/2018
Price Paid: $1600
Recommend: No




Too firm. No difference after 30 day "breaking in" period.
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