Ratings by Type


Here we see a product category that has a lot of 5’s and a lot of 1’s. Our sample size of latex mattress reviews is much smaller than say memory foam. That being said, people are generally happy with their purchase of latex mattresses.

This type of mattress, if purchased as a system, is infinitely adjustable which might play into some of wide variability of ratings. We all suffer from the, “it could be a little better” phenomenon that can affect ratings for latex mattress systems more than all other types of mattresses. Many companies allow for returns of certain layers of a mattress system which can lead to a shopper becoming overwhelmed with choices. With an innerspring/memory foam/air bed/waterbed you are stuck with what you have and either learn to like it or not. With a system you can end up over adjusting a mattress and never allow your body to adjust to it. We suspect that this contributes to the larger than average number of 1’s. Our suspicion is that if more buyers stuck with the retailers recommended setup there would be fewer 1’s in the ratings.

As you can see, latex hits the spot with about 73% of people. Latex systems are especially useful for couples where each needs vastly different levels of support as each side can be customized for each person.

Latex Ratings