Magniflex Mattresses

Innovation, uber luxe, comfort and the cache of being Italian, Magniflex is coming to the sleep market in the US. Magniflex is the largest manufacturer of mattresses in Italy and known world wide for it's improvements in mattresses. They will open a showroom in NYC come fall and will be available over the country soon. Some of their innovations include the Airyform process, promoting effective air circulation throughout the mattress and preventing the uggy buggy mess of bacteria and dust mites. And to keep freight and handling costs down on the way to market as well as the mattress clean, they came up with roll compression to ten percent of their original size.

Their mattresses are made of visco elastic (memory foam), latex, and foam. And with their Gold Mattress, you can include 22-karat gold, in their special yarn. Some other innovations include Coolmax fabric that disperses your body's natural heat and humidity and Memoform, a memory foam that they initially designed for NASA.

So if you want the latest, the greatest, and a bit of flash, check out the offerings of Magniflex.