Air Bed Mattress

Many people love the feel of an air mattress and the flexibility that comes with this purchase. An airbed gives you the option of adjusting the comfort and firmness so that you can choose the comfort and support level. Most air mattresses allow each side to adjust independently, which is great for couples that have different sleeping preferences.

The reason air beds usually work well is because of the air chambers that gently cushion your body, which can provide relief to pressure points, back pain, neck, shoulders, hips, etc. These air chambers allow the mattress to distribute your body weight evenly, which is why they are highly recommended for people with back pain.

Here are some features to look for in air bed mattresses:

A combination of a durable fabric with flexibility is important for retaining a comfortable feel to your air mattress. Fabric quality is usually determined by the intended use and maintenance required to conserve the life of your air mattress. Remember, fabric quality determines the durability and reliability of your air mattress so don't take it lightly!

Support & Comfort
The air bed mattress has taken your comfort into consideration through the design of various features such as a mattress pad for added cushioning and protection, one touch control for easy and convenient comfort adjustment.