Where we got our data

Most importantly, we got our data from our own site that we control the integrity of. Only administrators of our site can see the data that confirms if a forum post or a review is legit or not.

Have you ever wondered if the reviews on a certain web site all come from the same person? We do too. You see, many websites will allow several reviews from the same person just so they have a large number of reviews. Where is the integrity in that? We can tell, and delete reviews that are fraudulent. We also use that information for further analysis.

Our mattress forum has been online since 1999 and has tens of thousands of posts from regular people about their mattress purchases. Some of these people are delighted with their purchases and some were not so happy. All forums have problems. Some are dominated by manufacturers. Some are dominated by narcissists. Some are dominated by retailers. Some are people pretending to be regular Joe’s but are actually a manufacturer or retailer. Some are dominated by mattress salesmen pretending to give unbiased advise but somehow always advise people to buy a mattress that they get a commission on.

Our philosophy from 1999 has been to keep the forum free from domination by any of the above problem individuals. Sometimes this means we have to ban unethical forum participants. We’ve come to understand that someone will always be angry with us. Someone will always be slamming us. The sleazier the people slamming us are the better job we are doing.

We also gathered our data for our 20,000+ ratings from several other reputable sources that have mattress reviews. We’ve steered clear of questionable reviews and mattress company owned sites.

We could go on and on and on but you get the idea. We’ve worked really hard to get you the best information possible so you can make the best possible decision about your next mattress.