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Kingsdown Rhapsody

Apr 5, 2020 2:12 AM
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I purchased a Kings down kamaria mattress that supposedly had a 10 yr warranty. This mattress gave me terrible back pain and body aches. Paid $700 and they did not honor the warranty even when I provided my receipt. Many complaint s against them not honoring their customer warranties. My mattress was sagging after a year. We turned it several times but it was still sagging. This company is not reputable, my mattress was pristine, as I had an excellent protector on it. These people should be out of the business. I ended up in chiropractic therapy until I realized it was my mattress.
Date Purchased: 8/2018
Price Paid: $700
Recommend: No




Mattress sags, poor customer service and deceptive company practice.
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Kingsdown Failed

Kingsdown Royal Elegance

Nov 19, 2019 10:02 AM
Sandra T
Location: Toronto
I would like to submit a review of Kingsdown's customer service and warranty promise. I would never buy another product from them. Long story short: Their product failed (Hudson firm mattress, $1600) sagging after 3 years. They would not honour their warranty because the mattress was bought at Sears..(because Sears is out of business they can't confirm the purchase... ?????). Not only is their product inferior..... they demonstrated terrible business practice.
Date Purchased: June 2016
Price Paid: $1200
Recommend: No



Saggy after 3 years
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Poor quality and warranty

Kingsdown Crown Marquis

Mar 8, 2019 6:29 PM
Location: Crofton, MD
DO NOT BUY a Kingsdown Mattress!!! I purchased a new Kingsdown King size mattress in June 2018. Within months of owning the bed it began to sag and created a hump in the middle. After contacting Kingsdown for the warranty, they sent out a third party inspector who indicated the mattress had a 2” dip on the right side. Kingsdown denied my warranty claim stating it was within normal wear measurements.

Now, if anyone else is considering spending over $1,500 on a mattress, I’m sure you’d like to ensure you have a product that lasts for more than a few months and the warranty is valid. Nice job Kingsdown you lost another customer!!!
Date Purchased: 06/18
Price Paid: $1600
Recommend: No



Mattress sagged over 2” on one side wishin a few months and I’m not a large guy at 175lbs.
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