Beautyrest Black

If you just can't get comfortable for that good night's sleep, Simmons is taking your problems seriously. They have introduced some new mattress lines to address specific nocturnal wants and needs. The Beautyrest Black products are the high end of the latest offerings from the sleep giant. You get motion separation and conformability in a luxe package that pays attention to detail and tailoring for your comfort. There is something they call 'Advanced Pocketed Coil' technology that will keep your sleeping for years in silk and cashmere fabrications. Starting at a cool two thou, it goes on up and up.

If you need max back support, the BackCare Line is designed to follow your body's contours and to provide proper spinal alignment. You also get AllerCare fibers to reduce allergens while sleeping. There's even a mattress that provides support to the back while relaxing and gently massaging the back throughout the night. These mattresses start at $800. Then there's the Natural Care line of mattresses that boasts elimination of pressure points and natural latex that is anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites (ouch!) and the nefarious mold and mildew. Expect to pay $1800 and up.