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Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses received excellent ratings online. As you know from our memory foam buying guide, these mattresses are the ones that your handprint stays on for a few seconds when removed.

The largest complaint about these mattresses is that they sleep hot.  About 10% of reviews complain that their mattress is a little too hot.  This is probably due to the mattresses but it could also be due to several potential coincidences.  Buying the mattress just before summer and buying the mattress just as you enter a new life stage where sleeping hot is something that should be expected.  

Before jumping into one of these mattresses you should also consider that most of these mattresses feel wonderful when they are first purchased.  High priced MF mattresses like Tempur-Pedic have a very high lb/square inch rating which should make them last for a long time.  Most of the other MF mattresses in our reviews have much lower LB/SI which potentially means they could wear out at a rapid rate.  It is our estimation that most mattresses reviews are written within a month of sleeping on the mattress for the first time.  By the time some of the lower quality MF mattresses give up the buyer might even forget where they purchased it from.  Will a person be as passionately angry when a $400 MF mattress fails after 3 years as they would be if a $3000 innerspring mattress failed in 3 years?  Nope, they will likely give it a 3 because it felt good for a while.

Another thought should be expressed about this chart is that many of the mattresses reviewed are very inexpensive.  In our estimation, the more inexpensive units are within 20% of becoming throw away items.  Items that people will be delighted with if they just get them through a certain life stage or situation, kid in college, high schooler, guest room.

Memory Foam Ratings