Mattress Retailer Interview #2


1. What is the difference in the approach when buying a mattress online opposed to buying a mattress from a regular mattress store?

When buying a mattress online you can shop at your own pace. You can search for information you want to know rather than the information a commissioned sales person wants you to know. Shopping online allows you to analyze your comfort level accurately and at your own pace.


2. How can you get a good deal when buying a mattress online? Are there similar negotiating tactics used as when buying through a brick and mortar store or are they different?

To get a good deal, buy a brand that you can easily find in your local market. After shopping at your local store you will have an idea of what the prices are. Then go online and compare information and price. Don't forget online merchants only charge in state customer's sales tax. All out of state customers save the tax, too.


3. How can the customer be sure that they are buying a quality product?

It's really simple - buy a brand you have heard of before.

There are over 800 mattress brands in the United States. How many can you name? If you are unfamiliar with a manufacturer are you sure you are getting a good product. Are you sure the company will be in business for the length of your warranty? If you can't answer these questions with confidence don't buy the product.

There are 3 major mattress manufacturers today. Sealy is the largest in the United States, Simmons is the second largest in the United States and largest overall in the world. Serta is the third largest in the United States. Of the big three they represent over 97% of all dollars spent on research and development in the mattress industry. All other manufacturers copy Sealy, Simmons, or Serta. Buy a brand; you get what you pay for.


4. What would you say the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mattress through an online retailer are?

There are many advantages:

Brand Names
No Sales Tax for out of State customers
Free shipping
Abundant correct information
No sales commissions
Shop when ever you want to
Shop at your own pace

Delivery takes a little longer


5. What can the customer say or do to bring down the asking price?

Buy quantity. Buying 2 or more sleep sets qualifies for discount pricing.


6. What is the best negotiating tactic that you have seen a customer use?

When a customer takes the time to fully understand his or her own needs, they will make the best value purchase, and not overspend on a more expensive mattress than is needed, nor be taken advantage of by a salesman. Knowledge is power.


7. How should customers go about comparing mattresses online?

Comparing a mattress is not an easy process. To make price shopping difficult for consumers, the mattress industry finds the same models with different names and different retailers. The best way to compare a mattress is to find out the basic mattress specifications, and then compare those to other retailer comparable models; both online and offline.


8. What are the top 3 things a shopper should look for in an online mattress store?

The top three things are:

Brands you are familiar with
Reliability (third party endorsements, convenient customer access and support.)