Sleep Problems

Many people struggle with sleep problems, but few associate sleep trouble with their mattress. Amazing when you think about it. Consider your sleep habits and patterns. Do you have trouble sleeping? Having trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Many of us do. But that doesn't have to be.

You have already tried the obvious helpful tips to aid in good sleep. You have limited caffeine, added exercise, tried to reduce stress, avoid daytime naps, and you have a regular sleep schedule. You have created a nice nighttime routine for yourself. Your bedroom is a nice sanctuary, uncluttered and peaceful. And still, you have trouble sleeping. You have even decreased your use of electronics before bedtime knowing that being "plugged in" right up until bedtime can cause you trouble falling asleep. But still you have trouble sleeping. You want to sleep well. And you consider the options. Before you reach for medication or make yourself more sleepy time tea so you are able to get that required eight hours, look a little closer to home. In its yearly survey on sleeping habits, the Better Sleep Council finds people are looking at quick fixes rather than taking a good hard (or soft) look at their mattress and box spring. In fact, over 66% of those surveyed do not evaluate their mattress at all for comfort and support, let alone think about buying a new set. The Better Sleep Council recommends that you evaluate your bedding at least every five to seven years. Just think about it, more than four months of your year is spent in your bed. You want to be sure your mattress is providing you the best support it can so you can get the best sleep you can.

If you are having sleeping problems, you may experience some negative results. This lack of good sleep can actually trigger mood disorders and depression. The Council's survey found that when people got seven or more hours of sleep they were more likely to say their general mood was excellent. But only 25% of those surveyed rated the quality and quantity of their sleep as above average. So you might want to think about your mattress and whether it is hindering a restful night. This is information you need to sleep on. If you are struggling with your sleep, your awake life will suffer. Your moods may be affected which in turn will affect your work, your relationships, and your health. A new mattress purchase could very positively affect much of your lift. It's certainly worth a look at a new mattress.

Did you know that sleep troubles can cause weight gain? Yes, it's true. Recent studies suggest that sleeping less than a good five hours can increase the likelihood of weight gain. Another good reason to consider a new mattress set. Many of us could use some help with our weight and if could be as easy as the mattress you sleep on, well, that's worth some time and research.

If you have trouble sleeping, please take some time to research a new mattress. It could change your sleeping habits which could change your life.