If you are pregnant or planning to be, Tempur-Pedic, the mattress manufacturer, says their mattresses are well suited to this particularly sleepless stage of a woman's life. A study just out says that pregnant women reported a better night's sleep with a couple of Tempur-Pedic mattress offerings. They claim they were more comfortable while lying down and were less tired during the day in the company's Deluxe Bed and fell asleep faster and slept longer with the firm's Swedish Mattress.

In fact, Tempur-Pedic says 95% of those involved in the study noted a better night's sleep on both mattresses. 75% says they fell asleep in less than 30 minutes compared to 40% on the traditional mattress. Average hours of sleep increased by half an hour, and whether pregnant or not, those in the study said they would recommend a Tempur-Pedic to their friends. Seems they use a temperature sensitive, breathable material that uses weight and heat to distribute pressure over the entire surface of the bed. If you are looking for more comfortable and longer sleeping, give this leading mattress manufacturer a try.