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More Than 20,000 Unbiased User Reviews Help Consumers Make Informed Purchase Decisions


(Apex, North Carolina)  December 3, 2014 – As part of their ongoing commitment to provide essential, impartial information to consumers interested in buying a new mattress, recently added a ratings section to their website that aggregates more than 20,000 reviews from across the Internet.

The comprehensive new feature displays ratings and owner contentment by type of mattress, as well as owner contentment for the big mattress brands.  By clicking on the links, users can drill further into specific categories to obtain meaningful statistics and real-world feedback, enabling them to make more informed mattress buying decisions.

“Our new ratings system is the largest you’ll find online, and it’s been specifically designed to give consumers one place to go to research the best mattress for them,” explained Mr. Welch, president of What’s The Best, Inc., who also operates similar sites for enthusiasts of other products.  “Whether they access the reviews before comparing mattresses at retail stores or before placing their order online, the feedback is timely, relevant, impartial and, most importantly, from people just like them.”

A leading online mattress buying guide since 1999, is a one-stop destination for people looking for a better sleep experience. As a publisher of editorial content, the company is not paid to sell mattresses and receives no commissions, thus enabling them to provide unbiased, balanced information.

For the past 16 years, millions of consumers have utilized the site to learn what they need to know before purchasing a new mattress or bed; research leading brands such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Tempur-Pedic; compare different types of mattress options, ranging from memory foam and air mattresses to innerspring mattresses and water beds; obtain tips on negotiating prices with retailers; and have questions answered in the mattress forum.

Most Customers' New Bedding Choices Unaffected By Recession

Mattress Shoppers Weigh In: Quality Mattresses Still A Priority In Down Economy

Apex, NC, April 29, 2010 -- US mattress shoppers are spending their money wisely, but that doesn't mean they're going to choose a poor quality mattress. A recent survey of mattress shoppers by suggests that today's economic environment will not have a huge effect on the mattress buying behavior of most consumers. Only a small percentage of those surveyed were considering alternatives to replacing their old bedding. Most planned on purchasing a new mattress and base just as they would have a few years before.

According to What's The Best, Inc. approximately seventy-five percent of customers surveyed planned to stick to their usual pattern of buying bedding. About sixteen percent of customers said that they were considering alternatives to a new mattress purchase. Possible alternatives include putting plywood or other rigid material between the mattress and box spring to provide more support for a sagging mattress or buying a foam mattress topper to improve softness on mattresses where the padding is wearing thin.

These techniques may extend the life of an old mattress a little longer, but won't fully fix the problem. They can also cause changes in how the mattress feels at night. Some people may find that these changes reduce their ability to get a good night's sleep. Methods for extending mattress life are really only short term solutions, but for people without the available cash flow to buy a new bed set, they might be necessary.

A small fraction of customers surveyed - around ten percent - said that they were planning to build their own mattress based on others' opinions or after hearing about unscrupulous behavior by mattress salespeople. A home-built mattress may save customers money, but it takes some skill and a great deal of patience. Supplies may also be difficult to get at a reasonable price, depending on the customer's location.

A few customers noted: "will buy but have removed the high-end pricey beds from the list of candidates." Reducing the range of possible mattresses can be a good buying strategy, as long as customers do reasonable research before they buy. The very cheapest beds often are not worth the money buyers spend on them. Mid-range mattresses are often a very good bargain, though, and appropriate for most people without back problems or other special requirements.

What's The Best Mattress is a website dedicated to helping mattress customers make better buying decisions. The company's website offers a range of mattress reviews and informative articles on how mattress producers make and market their products, what to consider when purchasing, and the characteristics of certain mattress types.

For more information on this topic, contact What's The Best, Inc. at 5448 Apex Peakway #131, Apex, NC, 27502, or email admin at

October 15, 2007 --- Apex, NC -- What's The Best, Inc. launches a new design for

Mr. Welch, President of What's The Best, Inc. commented on the upgrade. The primary reason we changed the technology used on the site was to better present ourselves to search engines. For some reason Yahoo! loves us and Google hates us. We have determined that it must be due to the code on our site. Many changes over the years for new statistical packages, ad serving programs and open-source forum software made the site difficult to read for Google's spider. The new site is PHP and MYSql based and runs faster than ever before.

With so many companies out there claiming to have the ultimate sleep solution there are bound to be contradictions and questions that need answers. We are here to help answer those questions, Mr. Welch commented.

With the significant growth of foam and latex mattresses, there are now more questions that need to be answered for the mattress shopper. Gone are the days of simply understanding an innerspring mattress. Now, to understand your choices for mattresses everyone should at least consider the benefits/problems with foam.

The process of choosing a mattress has only become more difficult since we opened this site in 1999. With tens of thousands of mattress retailers around, there are hundreds of thousands of choices out there and the funny thing is if you go into your local mattress shop they can show you the 'best mattress in the world' that they just happen to have in stock.

Since 1998, What's The Best has helped millions of people make better purchasing decisions.