Mattress Retailer Interview #1


1. What is the difference in the approach when buying a mattress online opposed to buying a mattress from a regular mattress store?

Purchasing a mattress online allows the consumer to get the most information possible in a convenient manner. An informed purchase is key to being completely satisfied with your bed. The Internet allows you to easily compare prices and features.


2. How can you get a good deal when buying a mattress online? Are there similar negotiating tactics used as when buying through a brick and mortar store or are they different?

Online sites will generally allow you to negotiate more so than a bricks and mortar site would. To get the best, always inquire if there are any unadvertised specials. Another good tactic is to make a reasonable counter offer, you should find most prices are negotiable.


3. How can the customer be sure that they are buying a quality product?

Always check a sites guarantees and warranty info. Also make sure that the salesman explains every aspect of the bed to ensure you are buying from someone who knows about their product.


4. What would you say the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mattress through an online retailer are?

Advantages: Cost, convenience, customer service, delivery

Disadvantages: Cannot see actual product till purchased


5. What can the customer say or do to bring down the asking price?

Always ask for unadvertised deals, also always negotiate, the price is almost always flexible.


6. What is the best negotiating tactic that you have seen a customer use?

If a customer can quote a competitive price, we will almost always match it, also if a customer is honest and tells us what they are considering we will usually give a discount to ensure winning the business.


7. How should customers go about comparing mattresses online?

Certainly begin with price- if companies promise huge discounts then usually beds are not comparable. I would start with the bigger companies and then ask the smaller companies what is comparable to those larger companies? models.


8. What are the top 3 things a shopper should look for in an online mattress store?

Customer service, price comparisons, guarantees