Mattress Retailer Interview #3

1. What is the difference in the approach when buying a mattress online opposed to buying a mattress from a regular mattress store?

The difference is that the consumer has basically tried these beds out in the retail market and are looking for better alternatives...They search online for companies offering specials on comparable items. Or Search for the SAME item they found in the local store at a discount online....They usually find it!


2. How can you get a good deal when buying a mattress online? Are there similar negotiating tactics used as when buying through a brick and mortar store or are they different?

Ok, Buying online is a better alternative to purchasing from a brick and mortar store because of the fact that brick and mortar stores have much more overhead than an online company who may possibly be working from just an office or out of their homes....Online companies offer special discounts, Free shipping and they can afford to do this because they have very low if any overhead at all...Where a brick and mortar store must meet a monthly quota.


3. How can the customer be sure that they are buying a quality product?

There is a risk that the product may not be very high quality depending if the company offers a trial period is a pretty good way to eliminate poor quality products...No trial period. Don't buy it!


4. What would you say the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mattress through an online retailer are?

Advantages are the big savings you receive and tax exemptions. Disadvantages are the untrustworthy companies and who you are giving out your credit card information to? Check the company out with safety companies that rate online companies for safety...


5. What can the customer say or do to bring down the asking price?

It's basically easy to get a better deal by simply stating you are looking to spend so much and how can you be accommodated?


6. What is the best negotiating tactic that you have seen a customer use?

Please be specific. The best negotiating tactic I've seen is by having a competitor on the other line and having you go back and forth to get the best price....No one wants to lose that battle..Trust me.


7. How should customers go about comparing mattresses online?

Comparable sites, Safety sites, Product information, Etc...Apples to apples..


8. What are the top 3 things a shopper should look for in an online mattress store?

Quality, Price and professionalism


W. Vega