Top Mattress Companies


Serta is owned by National Bedding Company. Serta is one of the top 3 mattress manufacturers in the U.S.

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Update: In early 2010, the owner of Serta, National Bedding Company purchased Simmons out of bankruptcy. Simmons was purchased for $760m by a private equity arm of a pension plan. This organization also owns National Bedding Company which is the owner of Serta. Both companies are to be run independently from one another but one would expect NBC to find economies of scale opportunities with the purchase. Interestingly, this transaction catapulted Serta/Simmons(National Bedding Company) into first place in bedding sales.

Serta's primary business is in innerspring mattresses. They manage several different brand names:

SertaPedic- $350 to $800.

Perfect Elements- $600.

Perfect Sleeper- $900 to $1,400 (Perfect Sleeper reviews)

Perfect Day iSeries- $1,300 to $3,000

Hotel Collection- $700 to $1,550

iComfort- $1,299 to $4,000. (iComfort reviews)