Fire Safety

In July of 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, after years of collaboration with the sleep industry, made the move to require more stringent fire performance criteria for mattresses made and sold in the United States. This means there are tighter national standards to make mattresses safer for consumers. Testing requirements are more stringent, calling for mattresses to be more resistant to igniting from contact with open flames from matches, lighters and candles. The idea behind these changes is that you will have a few more minutes to escape from the fire, then call 911 and hopefully save your life and the lives of your family.

Since there is now a uniform standard set, there will no longer be differing regulations from state to state. In fact, California has proven to be the leader here, as the new standards are based on scientific research used to establish that state's tough mattress criteria. The manufacturers and importers will also need to keep documentation showing testing and compliance with these new standards.

Kids playing with matches or sleepy smokers are still, of course, at risk but the idea is that mattresses will not ignite as rapidly, and, therefore, lives will be saved. It's a good thing.