About Us

We are a group of regular people who have all gone through the adventure you are about to take. We are an unbiased group of stay-at-home moms, consultants, educators, friends and most importantly - people who have researched the heck out of mattresses before we bought them. What's The Best Mattress has been the leading mattress buying guide on the internet since 1998. It has been our pleasure to provide essential information to millions of mattress shoppers.

The typical person who is looking to purchase a mattress will spend between 3-5 hours walking through stores and reading brochures before he or she makes a purchase. If you are here, you probably want to spend as little time as possible in a sleep shop, so sit back, relax and read to your hearts content. The more information you have when purchasing a mattress the better the chance you will find your "best mattress".

We understand that there is no way for you to sit and read tens of thousands of our pages of research and content so we recommend you start reading in our mattress buying guide. After that you can look at reviews and post specific questions in our mattress forum.

One thing you will notice on our site is that we do not sell mattresses. This allows us to remain unbiased. We are a publisher and are not paid in any way to sell mattresses. We are like your local paper that gets paid to place an ad for a car dealership even if no cars are sold because of the ad. Beware of sites that seem helpful but are ultimately paid on a commission. They might be helpful but there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of - their helpful advice will always lead you to a mattress from which they receive a commission. This is no different from your local strip mall sleep shop.

In 2006, What's The Best moved from Princeton NJ to our current offices in beautiful, Apex, North Carolina which is near the famous Research Triangle Park.