How Mattress Companies Make And Market Mattresses

If you have ever even thought of purchasing a new mattress, you were probably overwhelmed. Shopping for a mattress is one of the most confusing shopping experiences you will encounter. Women might rank jeans and swimsuit shopping as more frustrating, but these purchases don't carry the same price tag of longevity with them. So we get it. We have been there, we know. This is why we do what we do here at What's the Best Mattress. We want to make the mattress shopping experience as transparent, as easy, as efficient and as effective as possible. We all sleep and we all want the best sleep possible for every one in our household each and every night. So as you begin this process, you need to know what they are doing. The way the mattress companies market their mattresses greatly effects your shopping experiences.

Warning: this section may anger and frustrate you. It may seem that the mattress industry is deliberately trying to confuse you and make it difficult to comparison shop. But you are an educated consumer who is willing to take the time and energy to research, so don't get angry or frustrated just yet. Get educated.

Here's how it works. Each manufacturer will have different levels of mattresses. You will be comparing mattresses between manufacturers as well as mattresses within that manufacturers own stock. For example, Sealy will have different lines of mattresses --as will Spring Air, Serta, Simmons and so on.

Sealy Posturepedic
Posturepedic Crown Jewel
Correct Comfort
Spring Air  Back Supporter
Back Supporter Four Seasons
Back Supporter LeForma Latex
Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Premium
Perfect Sleeper Ultra Premium
Perfect Sleeper Showcase
Perfect Sleeper Perfect Night
Simmons Beautyrest Super Premium Series
Beautyrest Ultra Premium Series
Beautyrest World Class Premium Series
Beautyrest World Class Crescendo Collection



Within each line of mattresses, each mattress manufacturer will have different levels often referred to as "Good, Better, Best" labels.

  • Good - Fewer coils, fewer comfort choices, less durability
  • Better - Average coils, full line of comfort choices, average durability
  • Best - High number of coils, full line of comfort choices, high durability

Within each line there are at least three "labels" for you to choose from. One corresponding to "Good", one for "Better", one for "Best". Some manufacturers will have more than one 'Good', 'Better' or 'Best' to make it even more complex. And some brands may even have several intermediate levels.


You can handle all that as you are an educated consumer. You want options; you want choices; you will spend the time and energy to narrow those choices down to the best mattress for you and your needs. Ah, but here's where it gets tricky.


Similar beds often have different names!

Yes, that means that the same mattress sold in different stores may have different labels. Gulp, how can you contend with that? Read on and be thorough in your research, that's how.


Notice the example below (of course, these brand and labels have fictional names - this is just an example) Both retailers have the exact mattresses but these retailers have mattresses that have been given different label names. Manufacturers and retailers do this to protect themselves from price shopping. If the consumer is unable to take an ad from one competitor to another, the retailer does not need to compete mattress versus mattress. This is one of the most confusing areas in purchasing a mattress.

Retailer #1


Brand Line Label Level Price
Therapedic Back Helper Gold Cordoba Good $399
  Back Helper Gold Pinto Better $499
  Back Helper Gold Cadillac Best $599

Retailer #2


Brand Line Label Level Price
Therapedic Back Helper Gold Sundance Good $399
  Back Helper Gold Regal Better $499
  Back Helper Gold Lincoln Best $599
  fictional names...

Manufacturers will make different label names geared toward these different types of retailers.

  • Sleep shops
  • Furniture stores
  • Department stores
  • National chain retailers

So what can you do? You have already started by doing your homework. Don't worry about the names. Find the mattress that is the best for you and get the specs for that model; coil count and gauge, firmness, topping materials, etc, etc, etc. This is the real information that you need. Take that information and shop to find the best deal on the best mattress for you and your family's needs.