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Horrible, Expensive and Untrustworthy

Kingsdown Majesty

Oct 20, 2013 4:43 PM
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We bought a Kingsdown Magnificence mattress on 8/23/08. It was very expensive. We paid $2,557.28 for the King set. The 10 year warranty was junk. Just 5 years later the bed sagged 3 inches so we submitted a claim. The inspector who came to our home was surprised by the visible defects. I weight 185, my wife is just 125. For 2 years i complained about hip pain. I even got an xray. Well we got a new bed 6 weeks ago. I never felt better.

We went to mattress firm who we bought the bed from in Alpharetta GA to complain. The manager said they fired Kingsdown for poor quality and lack of warranty support.

Do not trust these people..
Date Purchased: 8/23/08
Price Paid: $2557
Recommend: No




Sagging, pain,
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Kingsdown = junk

Kingsdown BodySystem

Dec 12, 2012 5:50 PM
Location: Connecticut
I originally bought mattress in 2006 and it started to sag shortly after and kingsdown replaced it in 2011 with a far inferior mattress than what I had. My wife and I could not sleep on it , it was like a concrete block.
I immediately called customer support and complained and they said to me " too bad that is your problem and we can do what we want". I fought with them for a month trying to get and equal mattress to what I originally had and they said no too bad. I spent an additional $1000.00 to get one of there best mattresses and let me tell you what a piece of crap this thing is.
Customer support did nothing. I wanted to file a formal complaint with the BBB but I let my wife talk me out of it. This I regret.
Date Purchased: 2011
Price Paid: $4000
Recommend: No


Semi comfortable at first


Sags, heavy, uncomfortable and worst of all customer support.


Kingsdown Crown Comfort

Mar 18, 2012 5:10 PM
We have owned this bed for just over a year, after 6 months noticeable dipping in the mattress with a huge hump in the middle, we bought the kingsize. I have a medium support and my husband has firm support, neither sides support anything. We are both suffering back and neck pain from the bed and have not had a good nights sleep in months. Contacted Kingsdown and they referred us back to the supplier, Art Van - they sent a service person out and he told us we had a quarter of an inch to go before it was considered defective. I don't think it will break down that 1/4" to allow us to exchange. Has gotten so that we are now researching for a new bed and willing to toss this one to the curb..
Date Purchased: Feb 2011
Price Paid: $2200
Recommend: No


None that I can think of


Breaks down too soon.