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7-Tri-Zone High Profile 10 1/2 inch Wool & Talalay Latex Mattress

FloBeds Posture Select

Feb 23, 2004 12:02 PM
After a LOT of research & reading what other people had to say about their mattresses, I decided to purchse a Latex Mattress.
I admit, I never tested a Latex mattress in any store. I just impulsively went ahead and purchased this one from I had heard nothing but good things about this company & about Latex mattresses in general, so I was willing to take the risk. Flobeds shipped this the same day I ordered it, and it arrived by UPS exactly 1 week later. It came packed in four 70-pound boxes, and one 20-pound box. And it was easily & completely assembled in one hour. The foundation comes in 6 pieces, which bolt together. It's extremely sturdy & well made. This is perfect for people with smaller apartments, etc., that would otherwise have trouble getting in huge mattresses & boxsprings. And it's convenient if you need to move, because you can unassemble it & easily take it with you.

I purchased the 7-zone latex Queen -size mattress($1249).
7-Zone means there is a different firmness of support for different areas of the body, as you move from head to toe. You also get to choose four Latex cores, of either Xfirm, Firm, Medium, or Soft. The site has a "Firmness Advisor" so you select your body weight, and sex, and whether you like soft or firm, and it "calculates" which firmness should be best for you. It suggested Firm, Firm, Firm, Medium cores for me & my husband. Though I decided to get one Xfirm, instead of one of the
Firms. I also decided to get the Euro Slat Foundation ($449), 10-inch Rigid Glide Support Legs ($79), and Wool Mattress Topper ($179).

What's nice (if not interesting) about this mattress, is that you assemble it yourself, so you know exactly what you're sleeping on, and you have the ablility to change it if you need to.
The Mattress cover unzips all the way around, so that you can change around the Latex cores inside to suit your comfort needs. I set mine up as Xfirm (left), Firm (right) on the bottom, followed by the 7-zone layer, then, Medium (left), Firm (right), then the soft Latex topper. Zip that up, and I have the wool mattress topper on top of that. The entire bed is SO COMFORTABLE!!! My husband & I have switched sides, just to try each out, and we both sleep great on either side. My husband loves it so much, he wants to stay in bed all day ;) It's like sleeping on a huge marshmallow, only with excellent support!!! I have not had any pain or discomfort upon waking!!

I would highly recommend Flobeds to anyone searching for a high quality Latex mattress.

If the price I paid bothers you, there are other options. The normal wooden slat foundation is at least $100 cheaper than the Euro-slat foundation.
The benefit of the Euro-Slat, is that you can change the tension on the slats for more/less lumbar support. But its a matter of personal preference.
I think they have a Steel bed frame, that's like $40 or $50, instead of the Rigid Glide Legs I got. And you don't need to buy the $179 wool topper ;)

Shipping cost $99.

Overall, I am very happy with this bed. Initially it was more $$ than I wanted to spend, but considering it's going to last me 20 years, i think it's well worth it. And it's just so comfortable!!!
Date Purchased: 02/2004
Price Paid: $2055
Recommend: Yes


90 Night Firmness & Money Back Guarantee.
Different firmness for you & your partner.
Easy to transport & assemble.
Mattress is 100% Latex, cover is wool & cotton.


I love this bed! :)