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In a nutshell-- sleep ez wins and gets my vote hands down

Sleep Ez 10000

Sep 28, 2013 7:07 PM
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I'm short on words but high on praise for this store. They were very helpful and not pushy which was good.

They got it right from beginning to end. Excellent price and came to me fast. This bed is so comfortable I wished I'd been brave enough to buy sooner.

I'm happy I found them and with so many high pressure salespeople I talked to before Sleep EZ I'll tell you they have the nicest people to really help you.
Date Purchased: May 2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


They sincerely helped me and were patient.
No high pressure sales pitches.
Price and quality were excellent

Got exactly the right selections for the firmness I wanted--they really guided me there because I was off in what I thought I needed.


Can't think of anything that isn't just perfect for me.

My New Sleep EZ Latex 10,000 Best Price and Love the Quality

Sleep Ez 10000

Sep 14, 2013 9:46 PM
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I'm someone who really researches the marketplace before I make a major purchase. Up until four months ago I'd never even heard of a latex mattress.

I made lots of calls to the online stores selling latex and visited a few in person. Soon realized that it could be overwhelming to try and put all the information I received into making an intelligent decision about what to buy and who to buy from.

One of the key factors for me was finding a company that had a long established presence selling latex because I felt I'd get the best information from them and in case I ever had a problem with the warranty I wanted to make sure they'd be around in the future. All of my research kept leading me to Sleep EZ and their over 35 years was impressive.

All my questions answered and great help in selecting my parts. The mattress is just what the doctor ordered. Seemed like I barely got off the phone and it was at my door.

It's a heavy mattress for sure but once you get it set up boy oh boy is it worth it. This mattress for me is life changing it is just so comfortable.

I wish I could share my comparison spreadsheet with others when I was still shopping different companies. Suffice to say I can give Sleep EZ my seal of approval for their help, their knowledge, their patience, and their price on my chosen mattress.

Date Purchased: august 2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Just so comfortable
Exact perfect support I've been looking for
Super customer care
Fastest delivery



All positive here -- Latex is wonderful & we're in good shape

Sleep Ez 10000

Aug 27, 2013 1:33 AM
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We are so pleased with our recent purchase. Everything has been as we'd hoped and I just can't describe how wonderful this latex mattress feels every night. At our ages (mature) this mattress is forgiving to say the least in giving us the best comfort in spite of those little aging aches and pains that have crept up on us.

We felt comfortable buying online noting long track record for company and we weren't disappointed. I compliment on the best service in connection with this mattress purchase..

I'd say the top feature for us was the adjustability of the mattress
because we ordered our mattress split up in different firmnesses. My wife's side is a lot softer for her. I made a couple of rearrangements on my side and it was nice to be able to do so.

Our purchase was easy and quick and they get a positive recommendation from us.

Date Purchased: August 2013
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


Latex is so comfortable.
I was able to switch my layers just on my side of our bed.
Professional and fast service.
Reliable company with long history eased our fear of online purchase.


None--Product and service both top quality