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Supreme Foam

Brand: Marriott
Type: Innerspring
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Not the same bed as I slept in at the Marriott.

Marriott Supreme Foam

Sep 25, 2006 11:16 AM
I slept two nights at the Red Bank, NJ Marriott and could not believe how comfortable the bed was. I could feel myself settle into the mattress as it gently conformed to my frame. Heaven!!! I generally have trouble sleeping on my back and tossing and turning thoughout the night is common. For two nights I slept like a baby...barely moved from the position I went to bed in and woke the next morning refreshed and energized. Shortly thereafter I returned home and without hesitation purchased the same (alledgedly) mattress online for $1200 (+ $300 shipping) through the Marriott store. Noting the "no return" policy I proceeded without hesitation anxious to reap the benefits of my new mattress. I recieved it approximately five weeks later and was immediately let down. The new mattress was hard as a rock...beyond firm is as best as it could be described. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and considered it may need time to "break in". It's been over a month and the only thing getting broke in is my back. I would just as soon sleep on the floor. There would be no real difference. Calls to Marriott have proved fruitless as I am only reminded of the "no return" policy. They may as well call me "sucker" as they end the call. Extremely disappointed with the purchase, the performance of the mattress, the customer support and myself for submitting to such an expensive online purchase with no apparent recourse to take now. Buyer beware.
Date Purchased: 08/06
Price Paid: $100000
Recommend: No


Can't even think of one.


Expensive, No return policy, Expensive to ship, beyond firm, not the same bed as I slept in at the Red Bank, NJ Marriott. NO RETURN POLICY!!!!