Twin Mattress

Historically, beds have been sized according to the user's size, not a pre-determined set size. Since mattresses were not factory made, they were essentially customized to the sleeper or the room. Well, that has long since changed. The modern manufacturing methods of mattress has standardized the sizing of mattresses. Now, we have mattresses sized according to a few methods. One of the most popular mattress sizes is the single or twin. Here's a quick look at what you should know about twin mattresses.

Twin mattresses are also called single mattresses. In most countries, a twin bed is one of a set of two, hence the name twin, but in the US, it can also refer to just one smaller sized mattress. North American twin mattresses are thirty-nine inches wide by seventy-five inches long. This size is not consistent around the world. In the UK, Ireland, and Australia, a single mattress is just a bit narrower at thirty-six inches wide and still seventy-five inches long; while in Latin America and the rest of Europe, the bed is narrower still at thirty-five inches wide but a bit longer at seventy-nine inches long. An extra long twin size is popular in the college dorms of many American universities. It's the same width as a regular twin sized mattress, but an extra five inches longer at eighty inches long.

We commonly associate twin mattresses with children. After all, these small beds are an economical way to sleep more children in a small space, and provide enough room for them to sleep comfortably. However, kids aren't the only people who sleep on twin mattresses. College dorms are a common place for twin mattresses and many people living alone in studio or efficiency apartments choose the twin because of its small profile.

Historically, the twin bed was originally used by married couples. In the 1890s, it became a popular way for couples to get more sleep, without waking one another up in the night. Alarmists of the time blamed the new trend for an increase in troubled marriages, and forecast an increase in divorce if husbands and wives slept apart. Twin beds were fashionable and soon became a popular choice - to the point where married couples were never shown sleeping together on television. Twin beds were also provided for servants, who had previously slept all together in one room.

These days, couples have mostly abandoned the twin bed, and sleep together again. Higher tech mattresses prevent us from waking our bed partners in one larger bed. However, twin beds are still very useful for anyone who sleeps on their own and doesn't want a bed that takes up too much space. Whether you choose a twin mattress for the kids' rooms or because you have a smaller bedroom of your own, make sure you choose and purchase a good one. A good mattress is the key to a great night's sleep.

Good quality twin mattresses will be supportive and built to last, able to withstand the energy of rambunctious little ones. The mattress edges should be firm enough to make sitting on the bed easy, and the springs should be well padded. Avoid beds that have very few springs - they'll sag over time. A good quality twin mattress should last just as long as a larger mattress, and help you or your loved one sleep well for years to come.