King Mattress

King sized mattresses may just be the ultimate in luxury. If you love to have plenty of space when you sleep, these huge mattresses are the size for you. You are able to sleep together with your partner, but not disturb one another at all. THat's because a king sized mattress is the same size as two twin beds. It really is amazing how much more comfortable a king mattress can be if you have been feeling cramped and close on a smaller one, even a queen. Of course, king mattresses are not the right fit for everyone. They are more expensive and heavier; they can be harder to move and maneuver through doorways and up stairs than smaller double mattresses. They also require special box springs in many cases and they are not easily lofted. Let's take a quick look at the king mattress and a few facts you should know before you purchase a king sized mattress.

In North America, most king size mattresses are seventy-six inches wide by eighty inches long. This is a full sixteen inches larger than a queen sized mattress. However, there are some other dimensions for other king sized mattresses. For instance, the California king mattress is only seventy-two inches wide, but an extra four inches in length, for a total of eighty-four inches of length. Grand king is a size made by Select Comfort air beds and is mostly regarded as a novelty. It comes in at eighty inches in width by ninety-eight inches long, and is probably the largest mattress you'll ever see. That's a lot of bed to sleep on.

Other regions of the world have different standards for king mattresses. For instance, in the UK, you'll find that king mattresses are significantly smaller, at sixty inches wide by seventy-eight inches long - closer to the size of a North American queen size mattress. In continental Europe, king mattresses are about seventy-one inches wide by seventy-nine inches long, and in most of Asia, this size comes in at about seventy-two inches wide, by seventy-eight inches long. The size of your king mattress will have a lot to do with where you buy it. However, if you are shopping in the United States, the king sized mattress is a standard 76 x 80 inches.

King mattresses are great for people who need a lot of space to "roam" while they asleep. It is also a good size for couples who want to sleep together in the same bed, but have trouble getting good rest when there is someone else close by in the bed. So if that describes you and/or your partner, consider a king sized bed. Of course, king sized mattresses require special sheets which are readily available wherever you can purchase bedding. A king sized mattress will take up a lot of space in a room, so you will want to be sure that not only does the mattress fit, but will the bed frame fit still allowing for your other furniture and room to walk. This mattress is nearly square and can be extremely tricky to move up and down stairs and through doorways. It may be a good idea to have an expert do the moving and maneuvering. King mattresses can be extremely heavy. Many times you will be able to buy the box spring in two pieces. Keep this in mind for moving the mattress set into your home. You can not enjoy that fabulous night's sleep on your new large mattress if you are not able to get the set into place.

One thing is definitely true - if you would like to sleep like a king, this is the mattress for you. This mattress size includes large portions of the luxury mattress market, so you will certainly be able to find all the best features and design options. Take a little time to check out the king mattresses that are available to you. The result is a luxurious bed and a great night's sleep.