Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
Sep 15, 2010 3:26 PM
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I suppose this is my own fault for rushing into it but after going through 2 cheap air mattresses that lasted less than a week I didn't want to continue wasting money. The new mattress I bought is a twin size sertapedic and I can feel the springs when I sit on it almost as bad as I could with my 3 year old sunken in mattress with broken springs, the store model did not feel like that. On top of that I think the salesman may have lied to me about the warrenty, I specifically asked if spills and not using a bed frame would void the warranty and he said it wouldn't but when I got the mattress there was no documentation about any SEARS warranty just a booklet about a Serta warranty that stated that spills and not using a proper bed frame would void the warranty.

I don't know what to do I'm not very good at negotiating with customer service is there any way I could somehow convince them to give me a full refund? even the $70 delivery charge? I didn't buy it with any kind of trial period and I don't even know what warranty I actually  have.


I regret not looking online first for a better deal I found this http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Comfort-Dreams-Select-A-Firmness-9-inch-Twin-size-Memory-Foam-Mattress/4296040/product.html?rcmndsrc=2 after it was already too late. You can even get a 10 year care plan for it that covers spills, punctures, even fires for $50. Does it look like a good deal to you guys?

Re: Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
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I agree with DianeK. 

I recently purchased a mattress from Sears and it felt dramatically different than the one I demo'd in the store. Within the 30 day window I returned it for a full refund (since shipping was free so was the pickup). Prepare to dig in your heels with customer service. It took me numerous customer service rep calls  - one of the most frustrating customer service experiences I've have as a consumer - each rep stating a different return policy and subjecting me to interdepartmental ping pong until finally I was able to speak to a supervisor with authority and responsibility....this stretched over three days. In the end, Sears did the right thing and I was pleased to be able to return it without restocking or pickup fees.

Your best bet is to insist that the product is defective and demand a full refund including delivery and pickup fees. Hold your ground and be persistent, working up the customer service ladder until you reach someone that has authority to deal with this.

In the end, I was unhappy with the mattress but happy with Sears' for doing the right thing. 

Re: Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
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I currently have a sears mattress and I hate it with a passion.  Can't wait to get a memory foam mattress.
Re: Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
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DianeK wrote:

Just grit your teeth and go to war with Sears.  They are generally pretty good if you maintain your assertiveness.  There is no way you should be able to feel the springs in a new mattress.  Something is wrong.

if it is a cheap model you can feel the springs to some degree,  i have the cheapest simmons plush and i can feel them to some degree.

Re: Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
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I can't comment on the Sears mattress or their customer service, but I did recently purchase an Overstock select-a-firmness 11-inch memory foam mattress in soft.  My husband and I both love it (we actually got 2 twin xls pushed together to form a King so that we could have them on separate Ergomotion adjustable bases).  Get the soft - it is still VERY firm.  Probably the firmest bed I have ever slept on, and I like a firm mattress. LOL  We've had the mattresses about a month and are very happy.  I haven't noticed that it sleeps hot, either, which is a relief.  We've had a few hot nights still here (even in SD) and I am still just as comfortable as I was on our old mattress.   And I tend to sleep hot.

The only thing I cannot vouch for is it's longevity.  It seems like most reviews on the website were positive, but most of them were recently purchased, too.   But for me, that was worth the risk because the price was so good and it is what we could afford right now with a one-income family.   Maybe in the future when I go back to work we could consider a Tempur-pedic.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Overstock allows no returns on their memory foam products.  So, if you get the mattress and hate it, you're stuck with it.  The only exception would be flaws in manufacturing or the like, but not just because you don't like the "feel" of it or whatever.  A lot of people choose Costco over Overstock for memory foam b/c Costco will allow you to return the mattress to any Costco if you don't like it (their return policy is one of the most generous in the business).  Unfortunately for me, the closest Costco is over 400 miles away, so the return policy didn't really do me a whole lot of good.  I ended up doing Overstock b/c I could get a better deal and the reviews were so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to take a risk. 

But check out Costco, too.  Their "Emma" mattress gets a lot of good feedback.

Re: Just bought a new mattress from SEARS and I hate it
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I ended up ordering the firm because a bunch of the reviews said the firm still wasn't firm enough, there were some saying the soft wasn't soft enough but there seemed to be more of the former

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