So many choices (would like latex mattress preferably not go over $2000)
Dec 26, 2009 10:00 AM
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Hi mattress geniuses,

I am hoping to get some advice.  Here are our specs:

Me (M): 6'  215 lbs - side sleeper switch sides frequently during night.  Sleep with pillow under my head another to hold onto with my arm and a body pillow for between my legs. Not sure if it is relevant but I also have severe acid reflux.  I tend to get hot while sleeping and am very allergic to dust mites (just giving all info :)  )

Wife (F): 5'7" 148 lbs - usually side sleeper but sometimes uses other positions / just one pillow under head

I'm looking for any and all kinds of advice regarding a latex mattress.  Our current bed is a king Simmons Beautyrest (either World Class or Classic or something similar judging by their pictures) we've had for about 6 years and it is getting pretty uncomfortable to sleep in.  The matching box springs would seem to be in good condition.

I would like something that will last a long time and hopefully be less than $2000 (willing to go a little more if I have to).

First I was looking at the Sealy SpringFree line but there don't seem to be any reliable reviews on those and they don't seem to be made entirely of latex so the parts that aren't will not last long.

Then I started reading this site and checked out the sleepez and flobed sites and find them confusing so I now come to the experts to give their valued opinions.

Thank you kindly in advance and hope to be sleeping comfortably in the near future.

Re: So many choices (would like latex mattress preferably not go over $2000)
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all im going to suggest/add is that if you are considering latex based on the 'hypoallergenic' properties, resistance to moulds, bacterial growth, dust mites...etc.  Do not consider buying a Sealy spring free.   These benefits of latex are specifically referring to the properties of natural rubber.  If you want the full benefit of these properties you should really consider buying 100% natural latex.  Sealy uses 100% synthetic (SBR) rubber which offers basically none of those benefits and in addition to this the mattresses are always quilted with a top layer of polyurethane foam, which is another thing you want to avoid if you want these benefits.  Also anything you mix into natural rubber will degrade these qualities, so synthetic blends also lose most of this benefit. 

As far as durability goes most of that is misinformation started by manufactuers like Latex International because they primarily only make synthetic blend rubber.  If you get any latex information from a sales person that is showing you Simmons, Serta, Spring Air/Restwell, *Sealy, Kingsdown and many other none latex specialty brands just keep in mind they all source their rubber through latex international and the information they are given basically originates from them.  There is not nearly enough real world testing to show that durability is truly enhanced with synthetic rubber.  I for one would argue that if their is a difference natural rubber (with regards to being used in a mattress and not a land fill) will last longer.  Synthetic rubber does a very good job of mimicking the bounce of natural rubber, on the other hand it lacks the elasticiity.  This is one of the reasons why natural rubber does not break down so quickly, the actual cells that make up the foam are more elastic and have the ability to stretch without breaking very easily, synthetic rubber is much more brittle and with a lot less use the cells in synthetic latex or synthetic blend they actually are more prone to breakage.  It is actually for this very reason that natural rubber is still used in making condoms and medical gloves.....for more than obvious reasons these items need to be able to stretch without breaking. 

Not all latex mattresses are customizable....there are lots of good ones out there you can test in a store but just be very careful about what you are getting, and try to avoid any mattresses that are latex foam on polyurethane base foams or have polyurethane quilted over the top.  in any event that basically ruins the overall value of the product. Do not worry yourself too much about what process is used, if you really talk to someone who knows what matters they will focus more on WHAT the latex is (synthetic, natural or blend of the two) rather than HOW it is processed (Dunlop or Talalay), truth be told the location the latex is grown and where it is actually processed has more difference in the quality of the end product than the process itself (location and content in most cases usually determine which process is used anyway).  And since it wasn't answered with as much certainty before yes natural rubber is *denser* in a sense that before it is turned into a foam product and you had liquid SBR rubber and liquid hevea milk the milk weighs more per ml or fluid oz than the SBR rubber. 

*Sealy actually makes their own rubber but it is 100% SBR (synthetic)
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Re: So many choices (would like latex mattress preferably not go over $2000)
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Please do not be turned off by some of the members who don't have patience for the same questions...

I would suggest that to save money you build your own latex mattress. Look for the best prices online where you can buy a 6" core and then maybe 3 x 1" latex layers of various ILD's, say 18, 24 and 32 or whatever.

If you want to save money you could try a 6" (or is 8", I forget...) firmest core (no mem. foam) from
It's not latex and maybe not as good (or maybe more comfortable for you, who knows?), but is MUCH cheaper.
However I do not recommend their mattresses with memory foam added, the mem. foam (imho) is not supportive enough. But it may work for some people. It's got a 120 night sleep trial (or more?) so nothing lost if you return it in perfect condition.
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Re: So many choices (would like latex mattress preferably not go over $2000)
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Thank you all for the information provided.

I decided to order a soft talalay king size topper from

Once we get it and have tried it out for a while I will post back with my opinion/review.

Re: So many choices (would like latex mattress preferably not go over $2000)
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Dave, looking forward to your post about how you like the topper.  Thanks for sharing.  I think the topper sounds like a great idea for your situation.

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