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Has anyone purchased from Plushbeds?  Can't seem to find much information on them.


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I believe that harmony  model (5" & 3 ") will be phased in time due to the new line they just released. The owner said they still have it listed in their inventory.  I have been researching your suggestions and I like the tomorrow's world and latex mattress shop. Will continue reading thru the others tomorrow.



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Just to give a few more examples of natural and organic.


I didn't include these guys in my previous list but you can get an idea of how far some stores will go in their search for something really organic. They actually do third party testing on their materials apparently (not just rely on manufacturer specs and testing).

Queen with 8" of organic Dunlop latex is $2378

Queen with 9" of organic Dunlop latex is $2548

They also have a mattress which has 9" (3x3) of Dunlop latex which is identical to the 9" organic except the Dunlop is only 100% Natural and it is on "special" for $1399.

The outer stuff (cotton wool etc) is the same they told me.



and then if you look here:

You will find the same 8" of certified organic latex from the same latex manufacturer with a certified organic wool/cotton zippered cover for $1699.

I don't think they have 3rd party testing but the level of organicy (there's that word again) and the ingredients are the same for about $700 less.

They also have here

an all natural version (8") with a basic cotton cover and your choice of the Latex Green 100% natural Dunlop or the Latexco (from Belgium) 100% natural 7 zoned Dunlop which sells for $1049

or  here

6" blended Talalay and 2" blended Talalay with a wool (1.5") and cotton cover for $1095

Upgrade to 100% natural Talalay and wool and bamboo cover for $1249

and they will customize the thickness or type of any layers any way you want and alter the zippered cover to fit.



and then if you look here

You will find 6" 100% natural Dunlop and 2" natural Talalay with a basic cotton cover for $995


All examples are for a queen size. Shipping costs vary from site to site so don't forget to factor that in when you are making comparisons (the Pure Rest is the most, Arizona mattress is a lot less and Sleepez is free)


All of these sites have many other options as well and all of these can be customized to differing degrees.


Nothing here is meant to exclude some of the other links I mentioned before or sites I haven't even mentioned that have different levels of "customization" and "organicy" or "naturalness" and depending on what's important to you ... equally great value.


There's lots of choices out there


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My wife and I will be traveling around testing out the various latex combinations this weekeknd. With you knowlwdge and expereince, how much mark up is there in mattresses? Have you found you can negotiate prices within reason?




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I read recently that the industry average gross margin was 48%. Mattresses are consistently at or near the highest margin in the furniture category. A mattress outlet owner or salesman that had a customer (or even better yet many customers) that didn't negotiate would be making plans for their next 5 star vacation or luxury car. At the very least never buy a mattress at the same time as you are trying them out in the store. Once you know what you like, go home (no matter how "good" their offer to buy "right now"), do some online research into prices and value, and then go back with a clear idea of how much you are willing to pay for the mattress you want. When and if you go back, bring your evidence with you.
Just to make the point a little more ...... $1600 per SQUARE FOOT. Lets see, If I have a 1500 sq ft showroom and multiply by 1600 that equals $2,400,000. I could pay a lot of wages, lease payments, phone bills, advertising, and other expenses with that and have a very nice return on my little 1500 square foot showroom. And that's based on what they actually sold their mattresses for, not on what they "tried" to sell their mattresses for.
Online sales are of course a bonus as they don't have any "square feet" for that part of their operations.
And these numbers are not for the whole industry as they don't have numbers for every retail outlet in the country ... some of whom are selling for much higher prices than some of the outlets mentioned here.
Just to make a point a little more, like anything else there is a gross margin at every level of the supply chain, from the chemicals and raw materials used to make the mattress, to the foam manufacturers, to the mattress manufacturers, to the major distributors, to the minor distributors, to the retailers etc.
There are also many people on this forum with a lot more experience than I have and it would be well worth listening to any advice they have to offer or negotiating tips they may give you.


Gallery, Select Comfort lead in performance

By Clint Engel -- Furniture Today, May 28, 2008


High Point — High Point— It's getting to be a broken record, but Gallery Furniture again took the crown in two out of three Top 100 performance categories, duking it out with Select Comfort, which was tops in the third.

The Houston-based Gallery, No. 56 on the Top 100, was the sales-per-square-foot leader, reporting an average of $1,600 — blowing away all comers as well as the $289 median for the 49 companies for which estimates were available.

Gallery's stock turns also were tops (again) among the Top 100, turning an average of 28 times.

In both categories, No. 12 Select Comfort was second again with sales per square foot averaging $1,264 —the only other retailer to top $1,000 — and stock turning an average of 23 times.

The Minneapolis-based airbed maker and retailer was the leader in the gross margin category with a 59.4% average, followed by No. 91 Domain at 52.1%, and No. 3 Pier 1 Imports at 51.6%.

Gallery tied for fourth with No. 72 Norwalk — The Furniture Idea and No. 64 Dial-A-Mattress, all with 50% average margins.

Gallery and Select Comfort were the only companies to appear on the Top 10 of all three performance categories — again — while No. 1 Rooms To Go, No. 64 Dial-A-Mattress and No. 75 Sit'n Sleep made it on two of the three lists.

RTG posted the third-best sales per square foot at $900 and the 10th-best stock turns — averaging 8 times.

Long Island City, N.Y.-based Dial-A-Mattress tied for third with an average gross margin of 50%, and was fourth again with stocks turning an average of 16 times.

Gardena, Calif.-based Sit 'n Sleep, which appeared twice last year and the year before, posted the seventh-best stock turn rate, an average of 11 times, and the ninth-best sales per square foot.

The median inventory turn for the Top 100 was 5.6 times based on 33 estimates, an improvement over the 5.4 median turns for last year's Top 100. With 25 estimates, the median gross margin was 46%, up from 45% for the Top 100 last year.

Despite Gallery's strong sales-per-square-foot performance — bettering its number last year by $230 — the median of $289 in sales per square foot for this year's Top 100 was below the $300 median for last year's group.

Top 10 in sales per square foot
For furniture, bedding and accessories
56 Gallery Furniture $1,600
12 Select Comfort 1,264
1 Rooms To Go 900
44 Room & Board 647
83 Darvin Furniture 615
71 Walter E. Smithe Furniture 584
31 Mathis Brothers 568
42 Harlem Furniture 535
75 Sit 'n Sleep 500
68 Jerome's 462
Top 10 in average stock turns
For furniture, bedding and accessories
56 Gallery Furniture 28.0
12 Select Comfort 23.0
88 PMD Furniture Direct 20.2
64 Dial-A-Mattress 16.0
44 The RoomStore/The RoomSource 12.5
67 Bernie & Phyl's Furniture 12.5
75 Sit 'n Sleep 11.0
48 Furnitureland South 10.0
28 American Furniture Warehouse 8.6
1 Rooms To Go 8.0

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Regarding the term organic and natural latex.  No matter how pure the process is, natural rubber foam should never truly be labelled as organic.  A company I deal with called Green Sleep has used organic farming methods on their own rubber tree plantation for years, they also process their own natural dunlop rubber and from the test sheets I have seen they are the purest most elastic rubber cores available.  They do NOT label their rubber organic, they can just merely say that it is organically grown.  There will always be small amounts of zinc oxide and sulfur ash added into the product to turn it into foam...although these are technically natural vulcanizing agents they are not technically organic.  Just for the same reason that you would not actually label a spring system organic.  Note that this does not mean in any way shape or form that natural rubber or springs are not as pure as say organic wool and cotton, it is simply to say that because a small percentage of the foam is not biological in nature, then it should not be labelled organic.  Springs are 'natural' but are made from non biological components. 

When a product is certified organic it really means the covers themselves, what you want to look for in an organic mattress with regards to rubber cores is simply 3rd party certification testing for polymer content (ratio of NR to SBR) and VOC, PBDE, heavy metal content.  I am actually also a dealer of Natura product, and they have been using latex green natural dunlop cores in their organic mattresses for the past year or 2.  The rubber is fantastic quality and has always had 3rd party certification for the natural content, I was told recently that they are seeking organic certification and maybe already have it...however the product has not changed...their natural rubber IS what they are seeking to label as organic rubber.....personally I believe that to be a little bit misleading from the sense that there are a couple different makers of the same quality and purity of natural rubber cores and the companies for good reason do not label the rubber as being organic.  Saying it is organically grown is really the proper terminology. 

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Latex green already has an organic certification for their latex cores ... several of the links I posted have them in their mattresses. This is different from their 100% natural product.

Up until recently most people (that I talked to anyway) believed that this was simply a "relabeling" of their 100% natural product (at a higher price of course) using latex that had been segregated from their "main" plantation and certified as not using any pesticides in the early years of the trees growth and all the other things that "certification" requires, however there are some indications that their organic latex is qualitatively different from their 100% natural latex.

NAOMI "organic"


PS: Changed one of the links to the Bedroom magazine article instead of a vendors article.

Added later: link to USDA certified latex article was removed as Bedroom magazine is sleep related and accepts advertising which is against the TOS here. It basically said that there was now USDA organic certified latex

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Just to further muddy the organic waters, GOTS is an organic "certifier" that accepts the certifications of any of 13 other "certifiers".

One of these is "Oregon Tilth" which certifies fibers and textiles for GOTS and others (including the USDA).

OMI, NATUREPEDIC, and LIFEKIND claim that they are GOTS certified (Through Oregon Tilth).

I couldn't find LIFEKIND on either the Oregon Tilth website or the GOTS website so I phoned them. Well it turns out that they and OMI both manufacture in the same facility and are sister companies owned by the same people. They told me that they had just noticed a couple of days ago that Lifekind was not listed and plan to correct that.

So at this point here are the "organic" mattresses in North America

OMI (Cotton mattresses only)

LIFEKIND (yet to be listed as to which mattress)

NATUREPEDIC (Ultra crib mattresses only)

Since there doesn't seem to be a list on the USDA site of approved organic products, and since the USDA superceded all other private organic standards when it was implemented in 2002 it "appears" that Latex Green at this point has the only "certified organic" latex available.

This also means of course that the NAOMI standard which I included in the last post ... while it may show "purity" levels higher even than the USDA standards (don't know the exact USDA levels) it cannot certify something as organic in the US (only tests for purity and not necessarily for the entire "organic chain of production" and it is not on the USDA or GOTS list of certifiers).


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I would be surprised if the rubber is dramatically different.  but it is good to see confirmation that there is a difference between their organic latex and the natural latex, basically being which plantations the rubber is sourced from.  I also love how they are finally making it clear that "natural talalay" latex will never be as natural as the best dunlop product around. 
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Do you carry the Sueno and Obasan as well as the Vimala?

If you do what do you (and your customers) think of them?


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well technically the Vimala (and all of GreenSeep) is no longer being made by Sleeptek (Sueno and Obasan makers). 

the Vimala was just recenty revised although it was our most popular mattress.  my brother sleeps on one, and I probably would have gotten one for myself however before we got the line I took the plunge on a Natura Eco Haven, which I am very happy with btw.  More than anything I just really like the base systems the GreenSleep beds use.

we do carry some Sueno product which we have actually private labelled so we could get Obasan's fabric on one of the beds.  The name Obasan is only sold direct from the manufacturer.  they are fantastic mattresses, customers generally like them a lot very comparable to the Natura organic line interms of the different build ups.  Although they do things a little bit differently. 

I really do believe though that when it comes to the quality of the raw materials and construction that GreenSleep is in a league of its own...we usually end up comparing those mattresses to beds in much higher price categories like Hypnos and Vi-Spring because from a build quality stand point that is really the more direct competition.  So a lot of really happy people there, although I think that rubber has some limitations so there is no real guarantee that the beds will deliver 100% of what people want, however I do believe that if someone had a Vimala or the new Dolcezza model from them and they were not satisfied then really no all latex mattress would have worked. 

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