Mattress Topper HELP!
Jul 29, 2012 12:30 PM
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A year and half ago my wife and i bought a Denver Durango Mattress (firm) that has not offered the support I needed.  I have a bad back--lower disc degeneration and chronic back tension.  So we bought a Sleep Better 2" extra firm foam mattress topper on Amazon a year ago and that did the trick for a month or two.  Now I am waking up evernight feeling like I've been beaten by sock with a roll of quarters in it. My wife too.  Basically, there are two hole where my wife and I sleep in the foam.  I am about 220 lbs. 

I just came from vacation and slept on many different beds (including a cot in a dorm room), all of which gave me a decent night sleep!  ACK!

Anyway, my instinct is to just buy a thicker topper; the same product but 5" thick.  But I have a couple concerns:

1.  Allergies: We both have them and something hypoallergenic would be great.

2.  Temperature: by most accounts, the foam affects sleeping temperature.

Mostly, I am not sure what the right product is for me.  I have narrowed it down latex toppers, the foam, and memory foam--is there another product I am missing?  If I understand right, given my bed already doesn't provide enough support, I am thinking memory foam is maybe not the best idea.  Does that sounds right? Is latex firm enough?

I'd love any advice or pointed to specific products would be great.  I think $300 is the max of our budget, but will take a serious look at anything.

Also, I am open to MATTRESS VOODOO, so if there is some combination for products--from plywood to banana peals--that would suggest, I'd be very open.


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Catherine wrote:

 Well, that's the point of using pocketed coils -- to have them conform to your body -- isn't it? But without the feeling of being beaten by a roll of quarters, I'd hope. (Great analogy, by the way. The pocket coils in my low-end Simmons mattress are 13 gauge, and they might be a tad too sturdy for me 'cause I'm such a lightweight.)

Yes, I agree that the intent of individual coils is to contour to the body, but there is more to consider than just their profile response.

Specifically, how the body's weight is distributed (pressure relief) across the coils, and in particular, across neighboring coils when some coils are carrying much heavier bearing points like shoulders and hips or butts than that of their immediate neighbor coils.  How well your body weight is distributed across the individual coils depends on the layers above since the coils themselves are free to respond independantly, unlike a linked-together innerspring construct where a point load like hips tends to pull down the surrounding area.

If the layers above are not good at or otherwise fail to distribute your body weight, then the individual coils below will have a corresponding uneven and opposite force response, with some coils depressed deep under your bearing points while neighboring coils remain much less depressed and poking your body (the roll of quarters).  One could argue that this is an inherent defect of individual coil springs that must be aleviated by the comfort layers above... and perhaps compromises their role as comfort layers.  Contoured?  Yes.  Evenly distributed and regulated pressure relief?  No.

Foam is much better at this... contouring with pressure relief... because the foam cells (tiny springs) are much smaller (small delta) and linked in all directions to achieve a more evenly distributed force response to body weight.  Plus, foam interacts with foam below; and foam cells ultimately buckle/collapse at their overload point to further relieve pressure.

Latex foam is considered the better foam.  One might argue that individual coils are a poor functional substitute for a 100% Latex foam rubber mattress.


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Re: Mattress Topper HELP!
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I've read all your response with great interest, and it seems finding a complete mattress system versus a solid basic mattress followed by a topper is the way to go.  Though to me it seems it could be cheaper and better to buy a sturdy, baseline, and well built mattress without all the bells and whistles and throw a good latex topper on it.  But at this point, I'm willing to follow advice.

However, to be honest, laying on mattresses in stores has always been hit or miss for me.  At first, they all feel good.  I did research this mattress (as previously detailed) and when I laid on it at first it felt awesome.  As it did for quite some time.  In fact, my mattress feels good at first now, but i just wake up sore and twisted.

So, what I think I need to understand is (and maybe I should be graduating to another thread now), what components make a good bed?  From what one post said, I gather 13 guage coils is minimum.  The latex foam is key for the topper (with the specifications given in the post above). 

I am convinced that my bed is crap, and I can just get rid of it (though the box springs feel solid and well constructed), so I am willing to spend two thousand to have a bed I can depend on for some time, you know.

Since I had good luck with this queen Serta, maybe I should look at their mattresses again.  Are there are brands you guys believe in?  Someone metioned Simmons.  I understand that all these guys have a low-end and high-end models, does one stand out?

I remember when I researched mattresses earlier, basically these posts tore down most  of the big names. 

This has been such a help.  Yet, I am back and stage one.  Thinking of putting an ad in the paper, "Have a couple thousand to spend and simply wanting a good, dependable, well-built bed.  Show me one and I'll buy you a steak."

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GKDesigns wrote:

Tuning Latex is no easier than finding a mattress you like.

Unfortunately, I have found that to be very true.

Yes, I agree that the intent of individual coils is to contour to the body, but there is more to consider than just their profile response.


...Contoured?  Yes.  Evenly distributed and regulated pressure relief?  No.

Foam is much better at this... contouring with pressure relief... because the foam cells (tiny springs) are much smaller (small delta) and linked in all directions to achieve a more evenly distributed force response to body weight.... [snip]

That is an interesting explanation; thanks.

(I went with the 13 gauge pocket coils this time around because my previous mattress, which used 14.5 gauge LuraFlex offset coils, didn't seem to give me enough support or enough contouring.)


wordfinder2 wrote:

However, to be honest, laying on mattresses in stores has always been hit or miss for me....

I haven't found it to be terribly helpful, either -- most mattresses have so much foam that I can't get any idea of how well the springs will work for me or what type of springs will work best for me. (The single exception might be the Serta continuous-coil spring mattresses; those just feel like trampolines to me, and I'd rather not be bounced out of bed.)

Sorry, I'm not being much help. I commiserate with you about the difficulties of mattress buying, though.

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Dear Word.. some more WORDS of advice..  in selecting a coil mattress look for those that have a firm middle.. if all the support is equal front, top, middle etc.. and your butt sinks in the center from the get-go.. get out of that bed as fast as you can..because the heaviest part of your body is from the center and if the support is not there in the center of the bed it will surely fail.. that's why so many people like the real good latex beds.. they offer in the firm the most distributed support you can have..  There are some very good coil mattresses still out there with latex on top and I don't mean those that state plush.. you need to know plush means alot of stuffing that will condense in time.. It truly is a Mattress Hell out there as on person put it on another forum.. I feel your pain.. been there done that .. and continue to look all the time..
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When I Surfing google I read article about Benefits Of A Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Headaches: Stress headaches tend to be a result of strain on neck muscles.

Arthritis: Since foam soaks up a few of the pressure brought on by the tension in the spring unit, your body will be less vulnerable to arthritis discomfort.

Back and neck pain: Even though it is possibly that your pillow is the reason for neck or back pain, those who sleep on low quality or extremely firm beds are more inclined to develop this kind of pain.

Poor circulation: Orthopedic beds are often much firmer when compared with traditional medium tension solutions.
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Wordfinder, if you are still searching then I would highly recommend the following company. I recently received the mattress I order and I'm so delighted. A custom made bed at this price is hard to beat and the personal attention you get from Chuck is a rare find today. The company offers three different styles all of which are custom made to meet your needs. You can talk to him before ordering, his number can be found by clicking on the Detailed Seller Information link at the top. I hope I'm not too late. I was in your position before ordering except that I was having shoulder & neck pain and headaches that was almost unbearable.

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just a man with a goal to educate people about mattresses by being something most sales PEOPLE arent.....HONEST.
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Do not waste your money on foam toppers. the reason being is the foam will be firm and do the job for a lil while just like you said 2 months sounds about right and the wholes where you nd your wife lay are normal because of your body weight. foam toppers with do whatever your mattress is doing. and seeing as your mattress is firm the topper will be firm but since it is in fact foam it will give out. my advice to you is look into a different mattress. The thing you are looking for is the strength of the innerspring, which will give you a longer life span on your mattress, foam will not solve the problem.

hope this helps.

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