The Dr. Breus Bed (Talalay Latex)
Oct 25, 2010 11:51 PM
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Hello all, still on my hunt for a good bed.  My wife and I were originally looking at a Kingsdown Sleep to Live 800 Series (red/blue), but after reading some reviews we were a little skid dish and decided to look at a latex bed.  Now I know there are a lot of on-line companies like Sleepez and FloBeds, but buying a bed untested from an online retailer just is a little too inconvenient as we have to deal with shipping cost if we get the firmness wrong.  So we went back to my local Sleepy’s to look at what they have to offer for latex beds.  Turns our they just received the new line of Dr. Breus latex beds that same day which are made by IBC.  We tried all five models and narrowed it down to two.  As this is a brand new line of beds it is hard for me to find on-line detailed specs.  I know the salesperson tells me the bed is entirely Talalay latex, but I would like to confirm that from another source.  Does anyone have anything they can share on me these beds?  Or if there are any other recommendations of other beds we should look at?  Thanks all.


Re: The Dr. Breus Bed (Talalay Latex)
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Phoenix wrote:

I guess it's time that I should fully disclose my background ...

I used to be part of the illuminati. There has been a conspiracy originating from the days of straw mattresses that is part of a multi layered plan to subjugate humanity. There are gelatinous creatures from another galaxy involved. Part of the plan is to make the human race sick and tired by convincing them to sleep on mattresses that don't work. People who are sick and tired can't fight back.

There are many people who are well aware of this plan who either work for "S" companies or who run websites masquerading as mattress experts. Most of them are hybrids that look somewhat human but really aren't. Many of these have no backbone so they really don't care what they or anyone else sleep on. They have been promised positions of great power and wealth in the new world that will follow if they will help convince the human race to sleep on mattresses that are no good for them.

I used to be one of these hybrids. From my earliest days I was taught the intricacies of mattress construction so that one day I could help make mattresses that would contribute to the master plan. I was proud of my heritage and my spineless nature and took to my destiny with enthusiasm and dedication. The parental genetic material from which I was developed was very proud of me.

Then one day, when I was in my early 20's, I started to notice some changes in my body. Something hard and thin was growing inside me and kept getting longer and longer. It began to affect my life in many ways including how I slept. When I could no longer deny that I had a problem or keep it hidden, I went back to the lab where I was born and was told that I was growing a backbone. Apparently, the genetic material from which I was developed had a retrograde mutation and I was reverting back to becoming human.

At first I was devastated as it was clear that I was a misfit and as my condition became worse and worse (and more and more noticeable) I also became the subject of jokes and derision from my peers. In my shame, I ran away and hid and slept on whatever I could find in the forest and the fields where I was hiding. Much to my surprise, these natural materials were more comfortable to me than anything I had grown up with.

As I slowly became more fully human, I met others who were more like me and ended up falling in love with a beautiful soul who was the most perfect combination of softness and firmness that I had ever laid my eyes (or my body) on. She was also the most supportive being I had ever known. Her name was "Latex". As we got to know each other better, she shared with me that she was part of the "mattress underground" which was a human organization dedicated to making mattresses that would help reverse the effects of sleeping on "S" mattresses and revitalize a sick and tired humanity. We were soon married and with my knowledge from my upbringing and her desire to resist the impending doom that was facing humanity, we decided to work together and help people find mattresses that would give them a chance of survival against the coming onslaught.

The rest as they say is his(and her)story. Our efforts, along with those of many others like us, are just part of a growing counterinsurgency that we hope will one day restore humanity to peaceful sleep and fully functional wakefulness and in doing so, give all of us a chance to fulfil our true destiny.


Phoenix and Latex

Ha, ha....!!! One of your best answers yet.  Perfect for Christmas eve reading.   I was waiting for your answer on this one.

Keep up the good work....although I wasn't sure where you got the energy to answer all these questions, now I know....

Re: The Dr. Breus Bed (Talalay Latex)
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My wife and I just purchased a Comfurpedic and opted not to buy a Dr. Breus Signature.  There were at least two reasons.  First, we went with an adjustable base and were a little concerned the pillowtop would bunch when adjusted.  We also didn't care for the greater propensity for sagging (3/4 in. tolerance for Tempurpedic and Comfurpedic versus 1.5 in. on Dr. Breus).  Also, we couldn't readily ascertain the amount of latex in the bed.  THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT THE TAG.  We didn't.  But, the amount of latex (the most expensive component of the mattress) in the bed is conspicuously obscured from the buyer.  We got ahold of sales material distributed to the a major retailer.  It only referred to the one model as having X percent more or less latex than another model.  I can do the math, but you have to be lucky enough to get that information and then start looking at matress tags.  Something just felt wrong about that when the bed is presented as a latex matress.  It is a far cry from that.  It's a polyurethane matress with latex in it.  While it may ultimately sleep well, it seemed over-priced based on the make-up.  My wife believed it to be false advertising.  This may ultimately prove to be a great bed for somebody else.  We just didn't feel like taking the chance.  If you are pushing a $3,000 plus matress, you should probably have a cross section like ever other matress, including many cheaper models.  The mark-up has to be astronomical.  At least show me that I'm getting something for the money.
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We purchased our Dr. Breus mattress about 2 1/2 months of the new top-of-the-line units.  With each passing week we become more dissatisfied with the Dr. Breus mattress.  Several reasons:

1. Really is not more comfortable than what we had before nor, for that matter, any other mattress we've ever slept on.  In fact, over time, I am finding it more uncomfortable.

2. It is the queen size and it definitely sags to the center.  The mattress is supported by a solid wood platform and it still sags to the center.

3. It is sinfully HEAVY.  Honestly I'm beginning to worry that my wife is going to injure herself each time she has to change the sheets.

4. It is so thick that even fitted sheets made for up to 17" mattresses just barely fit it.  She has a terrible struggle putting them on this thing.

5. It is way to high.  She is a 5' 4 1/2" lady and has had to resort to using a stool to be able to climb into bed.

We are going to take our case back to the dealer but we don't know if we'll be successful in getting a refund.   Personally.....I WOULD recommend this mattress only to my worst enemy.

Re: The Dr. Breus Bed (Talalay Latex)
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You said it has a solid wood platform, but does it have the box spring?

I can't imagine even a crappy bed "sagging in the middle".


As for the latex/poly issue, our salesperson at Sleepy's was very clear about what the bed was-topper is latex, rest is poly.

We chose this bed over the Tempurpedic because of cost ( $3300 vs. $1700) and the Tempurpedic was too firm for the spouse's tastes.

Sleepy's also has a limited comfort guarantee.  If you are not happy with the quality of your bed, depending on the size a return fee is paid to them (beds are not resellable so a disposal fee is applied) and your purchase price can be credited toward another bed. Delivery on the exchange must be within 28 days of the first delivery.

If your bed is sagging now after such a short time, it had to have been starting to do so the first month. 

Most every bed is now thicker so the wife is going to have a hard time getting into any new bed you buy (she's not that short).  As for the sheets, a thickness of 18-22 is for the wider beds; if something marked 17 inches claimed it was for a thicker mattress, they either lied or they're cutrate sheets. (I used to work in the home decor dept of a national department store).

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Dear all, 


I am back to square one after purchasing a Sterns and Foster latex bed 2 years ago at Sleepy's, which was an exchange from a Tempurpetic bed since I was and still am severly allergic to memory foam.  The latex bed was fine for about 1 year and half, but for the past 5 months, the middle started sagging, and there are now lumps in the mattress.  I only saw a comprehensive mattress review site today, on which I saw only 60% of sampled Sterns and Foster owners are satisfied with their beds! 

Sleepy's sent an inspector, and credited me back so now I need to buy another bed!

Since Sleepy's only carries Dr. Breus and pure latex bliss latex beds, I'll have to choose from them.

Question: since I am extremly allergic to memory foam, which makes me to wonder whether it would be a problem for me if I were to choose the pure latex bliss beds, which has a small amount of poly in it?

Going to the local store to lay on different beds tomorrow.  Let me know if you have any answers/suggestions? 


Many thanks!


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Re: The Dr. Breus Bed (Talalay Latex)
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Tried the Pure Latex Bliss beds today, and they felt good.  My BF checked the tag and confirmed that it's made of 90% of latex, and 10% of poly as some of you suggested.  I came home and looked at the tag on my saggy Stern and Foster "latex" bed: 30% latex and almost 70% poly!!  No wonder it barelly lasted for 2 years!


The only good thing is though: I now know I am not allergic to beds that contain some poly.


Be aware of the percentage of the latex content!


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Orien, be careful of making the comment about not being allergic to some poly since you are in a big open space at the store and the bed has been sitting there outgassing and it may be different in a small space. I had a problem with a bed with polyutethane in it from Rockaway bedding that lied to me and told me it was 100% natural latex (no natural latex at all in the bed but some man-made latex mixed with Polyurethane and that awful suede top that only looked nice.... I had to sleep in a different room to breath on the floor since I had no other beds in my home) in it and had to send it back due to not being able to breath and being allergic to it but of course it had a greater percentage of Polyurethane.  I then slept on the floor and it was way too hard so I bought a latex topper to sleep on until my busy season ended in 2007.  Then I found out about FloBeds. If you are not allergic, that is great but I am warning you that your bedroom will be less space and the bed will be new.


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Hi All,

Return this bed or stop delivery you will be sorry, Dr. Breus signature platinum at the least!!

I purchased a Dr. Breus signature platinum Bed last Friday, The top of the line, it felt great to my wife and I in the store, firm supportive ,etc..

We took delivery this past Sunday, it felt a lot softer than what I remembered being in the store, my tag says %53 Poly foam and %45 latex with the other stuff on the tag shown in this forum.

Monday I woke up with great back pain, and we both said this bed  is a lot softer than what we tried in store so after work I went to the store and low and behold the store one was a lot (LOT) firmer!!!  So I called my sales person on her cell phone (someone that actually cares, actually left me her cell phone number when I purchased the bed from her) left her a voice message and called the 1800sleepys, the 1800 number wanted me to do a mattress exchange for $400, I told them the mattress was totally different from the showroom floor and then they said to call my sales person (I was getting very upset).  My salesperson called me within 10 minutes back (and it was her day off!) after hanging up with the 1800 number , I explained the whole story to her and she said she would call me right back, 10 minutes latter she called back and said her manager seen this before once or twice, and the person who made the bed that day did it wrong so they would just swap it out with another one,  now Wednesday they came with the new one and guess what, the same thing, now I slept on it Sunday and Monday but Tuesday my back could not take any more so I slept on the floor (boy was that hard but in the morning my back felt a lot better!), Wednesday and Thursday I put the biggest comforter folded several times under my butt and back about a foot to a foot and a half in high not laying on it but this made the mattress tolerable  at the least with minimal back pain, I did wake up several times these nights due to the discomfort of the mattress.

Going back to Wednesday, while the delivery men are still present for the 2nd Dr. Breus mattress, I called my sales person back (would you believe it was her day off and she returned my call within 10min again, all hats go off to her, April, there is not that many people that would actually do this at all).  She told me she would call me back, 10 minutes latter she called back and said to go do this (a particular) store and see this person and pick out another mattress and they will exchange it for no exchange or shipping cost to me. So I picked  "The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic" ,  it did cost me $110 more only due to the difference from the breus bed that I paid, and actually they just came and swapped the bed as I am writing this Friday.  Also this bed is suppose to come with 2 pillows that, that the 2nd salesperson said came with it and has to talk to a manager to get them to me, I will update on that and the bed in a week here so people know.

The Dr. Breus is one piece of junk!!!!!!!!  We tried another in a 3rd store that was firmer than ours but nowhere near as firm as the original store, so there is absolutely no consistency with these beds in manufacturing!!!  These Dr. Breus beds are not worth any more than $1000 and that may be too high.  I know this guy may not know what is going on but he is an idiot (and this is not the word I want to use) in my opinion for stamping his name on such a junk bed!!!!!!, and may actually just be a BS artist all around.

Sleepy's is a great company (especially if you buy from a salesperson who cares), I will update this in a week or so when my free pillows come in and tell you how my back feels on "The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic".

All hats go off to April M. (my main sales person) and  Bob S.(2nd salesperson)  in southern MA  area!!!!

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No, I would not believe it. If so, you are the one lucky sleepy's customer. Seems like all the others have to complain on facebook or twitter to get any kind of response from them.

I will never buy anything from them again. A very expensive lesson learned. For now my mattress (won't adverise that name) is ok with a topper.


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I guess I really do have a one of a kind salesperson then, I felt like you described before my salesperson called me back on Monday (that I was screwed,  and or what to do) with the 1800 #'s response.  So I do see and felt your pain for 10 minutes (before my salesperson called me back) and it did suck big time!!   But I guess I got lucky and have a salesperson that cares, and the 2nd salesperson called me back today and said my free pillows are on there way to me (make that 2 people so far).  I do now the one I saw in the original store (not the two I mentioned) on Monday after work did not seem to care that much because he told me to call the useless 1800#.

I will keep you all informed on when my pillows come in and how I like the new mattress.

Thanks for letting me know your situation!

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