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Natural Talalay Latex Green

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Flobed natural talalay latex mattress

FloBeds Natural Talalay Latex Green

Feb 21, 2011 6:39 PM
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I have had my mattress for a year now. Within the first three months we rearranged layers, swapped a layer and tried sleeping without the v-zone all together and just cannot sleep on this mattress. Before we could finish swapping everything, we were out of our trial period. I have pain in my back I never had before.
I rate the company 5 stars, I rate the product 1 star. This mattress just does not work for us.
Date Purchased: 02/2010
Price Paid: $3157
Recommend: Yes


Well made mattress. Wonderful company.


V-zone & hard to re-arrange layers
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Awesome mattress, fantastic customer service

FloBeds Natural Talalay Latex Green

Jul 19, 2010 6:51 PM
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After spending thousands on beds in the last two years that didn't work for me including Simmons, Englander and Tempurpedic, I was lucky to find FloBeds.

I love my FloBeds. It is customizable to suit my individual needs. Each side can be customized for that side's sleeper. I needed a softer bed, yet with a firmer lumbar area and that is where the vZone excels. (Go to their web site for more information on vZones. www.flobeds.com). They also have memory foam and latex. Though I started with all latex, I ended up with a foam over latex combination due to severe fibromyalgia. It's soft enough for pressure points yet still supports my lower back.

The cotton/wool cover is thick yet stretchy and helps regulate temperature. The natural talalay layers are supportive and cushy at the same time.The memory foam is 5 lbs density and odor free!

The bed was assembled by my Hubby and myself, both in our 60's. I slept on it as soon as we finished stacking the layers inside the cover and zipping it up.

It looks like a traditional mattress, but feels like it was made just for me... because it was! Unlike a traditional mattress, if I need to make change in the future, all I have to do is unzip my cover and switch the layer firmness' around.

The absolute best part of FloBeds is the customer service. They have an A+ BBB rating. You have a full 90 days to try it with a100% money back guarantee. During those 90 days if you need to exchange a layer for a different firmness, you can. And not just once, but as many times as you need. I called about exchanging layers and my new layers were on the way with a return shipping label for the ones I was sending back. I paid a refundable core deposit which was .... refunded!

Customer service doesn't end there. If you have a problem configuring your bed to your needs, Flobeds' owners themselves will work to find what suits you. Dave and Dewey Turner are experts and have been around since 1971. They stand behind their products and pledge to give you the best night's sleep or your money back. They actually care about you and will think outside the box to make you comfortable.

Wonderful bed, fantastic, honest customer service. I will always recommend FloBeds!
Date Purchased: 02/17/2010
Price Paid: $2550
Recommend: Yes


Customizable layers to find the best comfort and support.
Best customer service I've ever experienced.
90 day refund policy.


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FloBeds makes a great mattress.

FloBeds Natural Talalay Latex Green

Jan 7, 2010 1:59 PM
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Yes FlowBeds makes a great mattress.

But this is not what makes FlowBeds great. In my opinion the best thing about FlowBeds is the man who owns it and runs it with his son Dewey.

David Turner has been in the mattress business for over 30 years. His approach to business is a throwback to the way small businesses use to be run. Good Customer service is not just some phraseology that he uses to sell mattresses. He really means it, and proves it by the way he treats his customers.

This latex mattress is probably no better than any other latex mattress made by the small niche companies that operate on the Internet, IF they purchasing their Talalay from Latex International, like FlowBeds does. FloBeds cover will be different, the way he packages the product and ships it to you, maybe different. But that's about all the difference there is in the actual mattress. The difference comes in in the way he backs up what he says about his product on his website.

It is truly a delight to call an 800 number and get a live person who actually owns the company. Dave will do everything he can to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. He has, from everything I have been able to learn from searching the Internet, the best combination of exchange and return policy of any of the companies. You have 90 days for unlimited exchanges, only paying shipping of the layer back to FlowBeds. And the charge is much less than some others require. if you decide that the mattress is not for you within the 90 day, you can return it for a complete refund, only paying the shipping charges to return the mattress to FloBeds.

I could go on and on about this but I think you get my meaning. I have just concluded my 90 days and there's no way that I would return the mattress for a refund. It has slept quite well for me. I exchanged 4 pieces of latex to get the proper feel that I wanted during my 90 day "Sleep Test".

I can best say it this way regarding how I feel about the mattress. "I look forward to going to bed, and I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. When I do finally get up, I feel quite good, no stiffness, no aches or pain,I just feel refreshed."

Dave charges more for his mattress than some other companies. But I felt it was worth it to have this kind of treatment and exchange plus return policy guaranteed. When you're buying something off of the Internet that is this expensive, then you want the assurance that if you don't like it you can return it and you can get your money back. Think of it as an insurance policy.

If you want to read my total experience, I have a lengthy in-depth thread in the forum. Cut and paste this link into the URL location of your browser if you want to read it. Just remember, since it is so long, if you want to read all of it, you'll have to go to the bottom of the page and click on the word "ALL" to see the whole thing.


Please understand that this review is in no way a "put down" of other latex mattress companies and the way they conduct their business. Many people have been happy with other companies. And I accept their claims about their purchases as sincere and genuine.
Date Purchased: 9/09
Price Paid: $2647
Recommend: Yes


I like the way that natural Talalay feels. Like most people I thought I wanted a softer surface. But I have found, to get the proper support, I need a firmer surface. But that is alright as natural Talalay tends to conform to the body somewhat as it warms up from your body heat.

I tried a piece of blended Talalay and I prefer the all natural due to its greater density.


Nothing. I liked everything about the product and the service I received. That is why I gave it five stars.
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