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The best ever

Select Comfort Classic Series

Jun 30, 2013 4:51 PM
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I have a Select Comfort air bed and have had one for over 20 years. We had trouble with Mold at first but the company helped very much and the problem was solved. We had a dilemma many years ago. We had a water bed and of course the headboard and frame to go with it. It was all about the bed itself, not the water mattress. When we burned out on the waterbed we switched it to an air bed. Fit perfectly and has provided years of comfort. My wife sleeps at 35 and I sleep at 75. I ask often if I can "Come over to the Valley" lol. I read some reviews that were less than complementary so I thought I would write one of my own. Last week we bought the new Dual Temp top. WOW. I Love it. Warm or cool, my wife loves it too. She is always hot and I am always cold. So now it's Cool over in the valley, lol. I am very happy and have been for years. Now with the new topper, I'm back to WOW. Hope this helps, Select Comfort is absolutely the best bed/sleep system ever.
Date Purchased: 6/06
Price Paid: $4500
Recommend: Yes


Easy set up and break down.
Quiet and perfect support.
No trouble at all.
Great Company support.


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My Select Comfort Bed Experience

Select Comfort c3 Sleep Number Bed

Jun 15, 2013 9:54 AM
Location: Atlanta, GA
This bed having the ability to adjust comfort level is wonderful. However, the bed is liken to a Formula 500 race car and one needs an experienced bed pit crew standing by in your room with replacement parts just to get through the night. Within 6 years of owing this bed system I have replaced the pump three times, and each air mattress chamber twice for a queen size bed. The air chambers can fail due to O-Ring Failure, cracked plastic air-intake nipple, rubber mattress seam failure or air hose connector malfunction.One more thing, because the mattress is so light I could never stop the mattress from sliding and would have reposition it every morning. This movement can cause malfunction to the air intake nipple and air hoses.

When you call customer service with warranty issues they make you jump through a lot of hoops before they admit to their faulty workmanship problems. Furthermore, you have to be physically fit to perform all the test their service department demands you do....unzip your mattress cover, reconnect your air hoses, switch air hoses from left to right air chamber, disconnect the air hoses and use plug in air nipple then call customer service next morning.... Oh what a headache.

I have also had to sew my mattress seam back together by hand to keep the zipper from becoming unattached. Furthermore, when the mattress cover fell apart because of a poor sewing job I gave up on the Sleep Comfort Bed system. There warranty is prorated and after about 5 years a pump will cost you about $500 bucks and a replacement mattress cover about $300 for mattress & box spring cover.

Depending on where you live when using this component bed, the barometric pressure changes for your area may cause you to have to pump up your bed every evening prior to sleep. Changing hot or cold temperature will affect your sleep number and air pressure. Thank the Gods that I never had the problem of mold growing on inside of the air chambers as many others have complained about.

The bed sleeps well except for the dreaded trenching effect. That's where one person slides into the other sleeper because one person chose a lower sleep number than their partner.

I no longer own this mattress. After about six years of constant nursing this money pit thing I set it out on the curb for garbage collection.

My Select Comfort experience has been poor. Can't recommend this bed system.
Date Purchased: 12/2007
Price Paid: $1400
Recommend: No


Each side of mattress can be adjusted for the individual sleeper


Component parts fail routinely.

Sleep Number Bed

Select Comfort Classic Series

Feb 8, 2012 9:39 PM
I purchased a sleep number bed hoping that it would help with major back pain. Although the bed which for the most part is nothing more than an air mattress with foam topping worked in relieving my back stressors, I was extremely disappointed in the overall quality as I had the foam replaced twice in a 7 month period of time as it actually broke in several areas (namely pressure points).

The topper is not washable and if there is an issue the entire mattress frame need be replaced.

A major issue is off-gassing, so if you are sensitive or have allergies, you will have issues as the mattress is treated with highly toxic flame retardant materials.

Although the pricing is very steep, the sales consultants are very nice and will work with you on pricing.

Do not bother buying the high end model as you can achieve what they are selling by simply buying a 3 inch pillow topper online or at a store for 80-200 dollars thus saving you an extra grand.

Customer support is outstanding and extremely accommodating. They never charged me a dime for the replacement/defective topper
and to return the product. This being stated, be forewarned if you buy and adjustable frame, it is sold by another company and cannot be returned.

Also, before you spend the money, make sure that the sales reps show you (by unzipping) what you are buying before making the decision.

I rated this as three stars and really wanted to keep this bed as it truly helped my back. But the issues/concerns with the chemicals were simply too much of an issue. I would recommend for those without allergies or those sensitive to chemically treated materials.

Also, if you decide to buy, please check the supporting materials on a monthly basis buy unzipping and inspecting for tears and breaks.

If they made an all cotton/wool version, I'd buy in a heartbeat!
Date Purchased: 5/2011
Price Paid: $3700
Recommend: Yes


The product fixed my back!

Flexibility and simplicity of use.Due to the fact that the bed is highly adjustable, I could modify with the touch of a button to fit my needs.
Adjustability for both sides.

Customer / Product support is great! I cannot emphasize this enough. Sleep Number truly takes care of their customers!
Despite others stating that they had to recharge the mattress on a weekly basis, I never had this issue. The air mattress (split queen) never needed adjustment.

The warranty is great but make sure you ask things that are important to your needs. My bed was returned without a pick-up fee.


Off-Gassing was a major issue and deal-breaker.

Chemicals in/on the materials. By the way flame retardant is NOT government mandated. Do not let them tell you that the smells will dissipate over time as mine did not despite being aired out for three weeks prior to using and several times afterwards.

Quality of product (i.e. bang for the buck) as their foam support tears and breaks very easily. The product did not meet my expectations of a high end quality product.

The topper cannot be washed as it will shrink/disintegrate. This is clearly stated in the warranty and will void it if done.