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Price Match Saved Us $986 From Innomax

Innomax Innopedic

Apr 15, 2015 2:24 PM
Location: Denver Co
End of Dec 2014 we went to the Denver Innomax showroom. Sandy was the 1st salesperson we spoke with, who started out her skit stating that Innomax does not advertise because they would be competing against themselves, as they're in over 1600 stores. At the time I didn't care as I was just there to look at their beds, but now I'm here to share with you why they don't advertise.

We ended up purchasing the Medallion Waterbed LS1000 and foundation. Cost $2,861. When we got home we did a google search for the bed to find out that buying from the Manufacturer directly in Denver were they're manufacturered these beds, as we did cost us $986 more than buying the exact same model from and heaters etc. from Ebay, with no tax, no shipping fee, and no having to deal with below par employees.

So why don't they advertise?? I would say so any dummy that walks in there can pay them a lot more than they sell to other distributors and retail stores for.

But don't worry they have a 30 day price match guarantee. Go ahead start holding your breath now... Sandy stated she was not getting our emails, guess she doesn't know about return receipt sent to sender each time the email is opened. Tommy the district manager out of Loveland will get right on it and take good care of you... keep holding your breath... He sent us back our same links to stating they were advertising the the wrong price and his figures were only $349 due back. Note, months later is still advertising that same great price.

Pays to bank with Wells Fargo who investigated and gave us our refund right away, charging it back to Innomax.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Skip the ripoff, google the bed of interest and Save yourself near a THOUSAND Dollars!
Date Purchased: 12/2014
Price Paid: $2
Recommend: No



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Great Bed & Great Price!

Innomax White Night

Feb 1, 2013 4:48 PM
Location: Aurora, CO
After researching for weeks about all the different types of beds that are available these days - we decided to go with the White Night mattress. It's a more eco-friendly type of mattress & also natural latex. We've been sleeping on our White Night mattress for about 3 months now, and it's been amazing! I previously had a coil mattress and I'm so glad I switched to a latex bed - I'm sleeping so much better!
Date Purchased: 10/2012
Price Paid: $3500
Recommend: Yes


This mattress feels amazing. Great price. Eco-friendly.


Nothing really, overall it's been a great bed!


Innomax Luxury Support

Mar 28, 2012 8:31 PM
I herniated a disc in my lower back in November 2010. After my MRI, I was referenced to a neurosurgeon who informed me that I have a condition called spondylolisthesis. I was also informed that the cause of this condition is the fact that I broke 2 bones in my lower back as an infant, and these bones did not heal properly in my lower back. My herniated disc was like a ticking bomb waiting to go off. All of these issues are in the same area, between vertebrae L5 and S1 at the very bottom of my back.

I haven't stayed in bed more than 6 hours a night since this occurred. I simply hurt ALL the time. My wife and I began researching beds to try and find something that would provide me with some relief. We tried the memory foam beds, but they just weren't comfortable to us. We saw all of the commercials on TV from the mall-brand air bed company, and we went to try their beds out. We felt comfortable on them, but we were just shocked at the price of the bed that we wanted.

We began doing some research online about companies that made air beds. Luckily, Innomax continued to be at the top of every conversation. We liked the fact that you all don't simply make your beds "just good enough" to satisfy skeptical people like myself. No, Innomax goes one step further. Everything about your beds from the construction to the warranty is above and beyond the competition. Purchasing a product like your Innomax Luxury Support Medallion sight unseen goes against everything I've ever believed. However, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

It's not often that you purchase a product that is truly "life changing". I am happy to report that I can now sleep soundly for hours with no tossing and turning. The best part is I now wake up PAIN FREE!!! My wife and I have slept for over 10 hours on Saturday for the past 2 weekends! I am absolutely IN LOVE with this bed!

It's amazing how timely things seem to be. My wife and I hosted a birthday party for her mother this past Saturday evening. One of the things I was excited about is I made everyone take a turn and get in our bed. The response was so overwhelming, I am literally writing you to ask how to go about purchasing another bed. I told everyone about the success I've had with the bed and how I wake up every day feeling so much better. My wife's aunt and uncle are interested in purchasing the same exact thing we have. I just opened a letter from you this morning about referring people. I told them how much we paid for our bed. So, my question revolves around pricing and referrals. 1) Do we have to get another quote for you all to price match the original quote I mailed to you for our previous purchase? 2) What process should I follow in the future for referring people to you, and what do I tell them about pricing? I'm absolutely certain that you haven't received the last referral from me! I tell people everywhere I go about this bed!

Thank you,

A VERY satisfied customer!

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Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes


I love it!!