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Buyer Beware

Saatva Luxury Firm

Jan 27, 2017 11:16 AM
Location: Colorado
Saatva Mattress
This mattress collapsed in less than 2 years.
We are of average weight my husband 150, I am 118.
We diligently turned the mattress every 2 to 4 weeks.
The nest are so deep that you feel stuck in them. There is a big
hump down the middle of the mattress. Saatva will replace the mattress but we would just be in the same place in less than 2 years. They tell me I must have received a defective mattress.
If so it is extremely defective.
Date Purchased: 2015
Price Paid: $1300
Recommend: No


Nice on first day of use


Mattress did not hold up for even 2 years.
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I am in LOVE

Saatva Plush Soft

Jan 10, 2017 6:59 PM
Location: vista, ca
Oh boy oh boy - here goes! I am a researcher at heart, on EVERYTHING. So, in the past couple months I embarked on a mattress research. I had slept on a couple mattresses at hotels and loved them and was considering buying them, but there was no return policy. I went into all the local stores and tested the mattresses. I liked all the ones that were incredibly expensive (we were looking for a innerspring/hybrid). I liked the Beautyrest Black Labels, which can go upwards of $10k! CRAZY! I read a tons of blogs, watched lots of review videos and decided that I wasn't going to support a brick and mortar store, especially those that are on commission only. My experience in the mattress stores were worse than a used car lot (and I just bought a car a few weeks ago too). And different main brands have different names for each of their mattresses that are sold in each store. This makes cross-shopping and price comparison a complete pain in the butt. It got to the point, where when I was shopping in the stores that I couldn't compare the model or name - I had to get a spec sheet and compare the coil count! So I decided on online retailers only. Then had to decide whether to go with a bed in a bag style or stay with an innerspring. After again, much research - I narrowed it down to 2 companies that sell innerspring mattresses online only. Keep in mind that both companies have full money back return policies, if it doesn't work out :) I was trying to decide between the Aviya Mattress and Saatva Mattress. I ordered the softest/plush Aviya mattress. Once I received it, it was just too firm for us. I literally slept in the other room for a few nights. They then sent out some free foam toppers to help, which it did, but not enough. They ask for you to try it for 30 days before deciding on it. I was fairly happy with it, but wished it was softer. In the meantime, my brother mentioned that he and his wife were looking to buy a Beautyrest Black Label hybrid but he was shocked at the price. I downloaded all my research information to him. He ordered the Saatva plush mattress a couple days later. I went over to his house to try his mattress out and he came to mine to try out my Aviya. Needless to say, I liked his better! So I returned the Aviya for a full refund and bought the Saatva! I have had the Saatva for 6 nights and I seriously can't wait to go jump in bed, as I type! It's soft, plush, tall and feels like I am jumping in a fluffy bed at a hotel :) AND both of these options are at a fraction of the cost (as in cal king mattress only under $1400). We kept our box spring and reused them, as they were in great condition :)There is nothing to lose with a full money back 75-100 day trial period. I know it's a little weird buying a mattress that you haven't tried out, but honestly - can you really know you are making the right decision by laying on a mattress for 5 minutes in a store with the salesperson breathing over you and knowing those mattresses have been on the sales floor for months! I am very happy with our decision and hope to get many years out of it (previous mattress was a Simmons Beautyrest that was 15 yrs old!)
Date Purchased: 1/2/17
Price Paid: $1300
Recommend: Yes



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Fails the test of time

Saatva Firm

Oct 2, 2016 12:06 AM
John Medley
Location: Oakland, Ca.
Delivery promised in 9-18 days, took 24 days. In the beginning the mattress was comfortable. After about 2 months I started feeling a bit of sagging. The foam was starting to loose it's memory. I called Saatva and they issued me a refund (I give them good marks for that) but they never came to pick up the mattress. So we decided to keep it for a while. After several months the sagging got bad - way to much for such a young mattress. I am tall and 180 lbs. - not a 300 lbs body abusing the mattress. We are looking for a new mattress - not a memory foam type.
Date Purchased: 6/2015
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: No


The initial compfort, good fabric.


lack of longevity. Foam lost memory.
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