Opinions Please about My New Vi Spring
Aug 3, 2011 2:11 PM
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My wife and I are the proud(?) owners of a new Vi Spring Tiara Supreme. We have two twin XL's, which make a king. Her size is firm and mine is medium. They zip together, which is a wonderful feature. We have been sleeping on it for about 45 days. And I have to say we have been thrilled with our purchase. Until now. My wife is delighted with her firm, but I am less happy. These mattresses are hand tufted, and the buttons are hand sewn and for some reason are rather hard. Seems ridiculous to me to have anything hard on the surface of a mattress, but what do I know. The problem is that as my medium size is breaking in I am starting to feel the hard buttons. They are not painful. But I notice them. Vi Spring defends them and says they almost never get such a complaint. The bed was purchased from ABC Carpet in NYC, and they are supposedly sending an inspector. But my belief is that the bed is normal and that is just the way it is made. We have a mattress pad on but it is a thin one. I could purchase a topper, but my wife hates the idea. She wants hers just the way it is. And let's face it. For this price I shouldn't have to do that. So what would you do? Thanks in advance for any opinions.
Re: Opinions Please about My New Vi Spring
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Vi-Spring themselves do make a mattress topper.  Probably for reasons such as this among other ones, you can't be the only person who has ever noticed the buttons.  

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