Cloud Supreme didn't work out....Contour Signature?
May 23, 2012 11:45 PM
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So we purchased the Cloud Supreme about a month ago. Felt great in the store, was expecting some breaking in, but was actually pretty soft on delivery. My wife, side/back sleeper, 150lbs, first couple of nights, wasn't so sure, now loves it. I on the other hand, stomach/side sleeper, 180lbs, haven't had a good night's sleep yet. (except the night I tried sleeping on my back, that night I actually made it 6hrs without waking/tossing, and woke up with no back pain).

Called Tempurpedic customer service (who are excellent by the way), and the nice lady said they actually see many ppl transition b/w the cloud supreme--rhapsody---contour signature, depending on their firmness preference. 

So the choice I have to make (and I have to get it right 'cos we only get one exchange), is rhapsody vs contour signature? CS is cheaper and tried and true, and I actually like the sinking in feeling on the tempur foam in it. BUt the rhapsody has the HD material, and I liked how cooler it felt. Firmness they felt about the same for me (laying on my belly).

Any recommendations, experiences?


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