Adjustable bed frame? Pros and Cons?
Aug 9, 2011 9:11 AM
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I am drooling over the pictures of adjustable bed frames.  Costco has one with some sort of Latex mattress.  I could also see purchasing the do-it-yourself layers so that softness can be adjusted.  I like plush, but my spouse is a stomach sleeper. 

Currently, I pile up a few different pillows trying to get comfortable for sitting / reclining in bed where I can use my laptop.  But I can't tell if the adjustable bed frames actually raise up "enough" to do this.

Of course, the whisper quiet motor and the perfect Latex mattress (split for King) would be just the thing.  This is not something I could justify right now - but it's never too soon to start researching!

So - please post any pros and cons about adjustable frames and different brands. 

Trying to understand the difference between the motor choices.  And seems like the wall-hugger feature would be handy (to keep the night table within reach) but I don't know if something else is sacrificed for that.

Comments welcome!

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