8" Milan Latex mattress
Sep 6, 2008 11:24 PM
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Hi,<BR><BR>I just ordered a platform bed with a slat foundation and am planning to replace my current innerspring mattress with a latex mattress. I have about $1,000 to work with. <BR><BR>I've tested the IKEA ERFJORD latex mattress at the store a few times and like it, but wanted to see if anyone was familiar with the Milan 8&quot; Latex Mattress from<BR>I can't find any reviews for it anywhere except for some very short comments on eBay from people who have purchased the mattress there (the same company appears to sell their products under the seller EuroSleep4Less). The manufacturer appears to be Somycol. Anyway, if anyone has any experience with the product, I'd appreciate your feedback.<BR><BR>Thanks.
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Re: 8" Milan Latex mattress
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Hi Lynn,

We are quite different ... I am 6'5" and from your posts ... I think you are almost 5". You had a car accident about a year ago and are quite allergic to PU ... I have neither issues. So you are VERY right about your comment each person needs to find a solution that works for their comfort level.

IKEA's return policy is actually very good. Up to 45 days and exchange or refund and up to 90 days for an exchange.

I keep thinking of a spring mattress as they are on sale right now, but the comfort level for me just isn't there. So I will keep looking into it.

Personally, I would like to follow the solution that you have found but I am quite interested in IKEA"s options.


Re: 8" Milan Latex mattress
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Thanks for the advice, but I really don't care if latex isn't the current "fashion". I've decided it's what I want. My question was requesting feedback about this specific mattress--if you have information on it, please let me know.
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