If latex didn't work for you, what did you do?
Nov 15, 2012 9:52 PM
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I have finally given up on my Latex mattress on the 100th day of the trial period.  We had a two-side king and I experimented with every combination of the x-firm, firm, and med. blended Talalay layers including a zoned layer.  My lower back has gone from bad to worse.  I found the mattress very comfortable on my side or stomach, but not on my back, where I have to sleep or I have neck problems.  I always felt like I needed to slide my hand under my lower back to align it correctly.  I continue to wonder if base layers of Dunlop might have been better, but I am inclined to give up on foam.  Memory foam has never seemed comfortable to me and my husband will not tolerate sleeping hot well at all.  I found a local company that sells a pocketed coil mattress with a choice of four firmness levels on the spring set and a simple inch of poly foam on the bottom and top for a very reasonable price (in addition to various upper end models using latex or memory foam layers.)  I was thinking about getting this and adding either a 2" soft Talalay topper or a 1" medium and and 1" soft topper.  But I find that I am most comfortable sleeping on my couch - which is plain poly, despite how awful it is supposed to be.  If you tried and gave up on Latex, did you find a mattress that made you happy (or happier...)?
Re: If latex didn't work for you, what did you do?
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Hi..  I had a wonderful Latex springfree by Sealy.. however the thing bowed across the middle after only 1 1/2 years.. I couldn't find it again as nobody told me they are now being made by Stearns & Foster.. but it was too late.. ended up going with a high end memory foam.. omg.. a nightmare for my body.. so much pain etc. and the pain really came when there was nothing for me to exhchange out to at the store I purchased it.. all the beds were so cheap.. so I simply put it in my guest room.. so then I had to search again and finally came to the conculsion to just not look at all the expensive and to go back to a decent coil.. found a reputable Mattress Company and did buy a 1000 yes that's right 1000 dollar mattress from Restonic..not a well known name but at least I can sleep in it.. do I love it.. NO.. but after spending 1000's on other mattresses that were so awful I feel if I throw this away in 3 years who the heck cares.. I will never shop high end again for a mattress and going back to coil was really a good thing.. just make sure you do not get a pillow top and that you do not have so much fill on top coils that it will condense in a short time and the bed will become uncomfortable and fail.. good luck..

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