Sleep apnea and other problems
Oct 21, 2010 12:43 PM
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I am a mess when it comes to sleep.  I have sleep apnea, hot flashes, and wake up in the night sometimes with hip pain.  Seeing sleep theapist, have mask, but wonder if a newer mattress would also help.  I like a really soft mattress but am not sure if this is the best to use.  Have layed on the softest tempurpedic and it seemed ok but hate to take the plunge if it does retain body heat (as the sales person seemed to indicate).  I run hot and cold during the night from what I assume are hot flashes.  They are getting better with hormone therapy which I hate to do but I need a good night sleep.  When I do sleep, I often wake up feeling like I did not get a restful deep sleep.  Any suggestions on kind and type of mattress?
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Re: Sleep apnea and other problems
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Hello Wildcougars,
I was suffered from same problem, then i use Titanfit mattress X30. It infused with 30 times more AquaMetal technology, not only helps you sleep better but also speeds up relief from body pain; and recovery from backache and injuries while sleeping. Titanfit mattress uses Urethane foam – a high quality, natural foam that is resilient enough to adjust to the contours of your body. This type of foam also provides breath ability and is highly durable. It can be used as an overlay over your regular mattress or on its own as a futon.
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