Sam's Club memory foam (Night Therapy vs. Aerus)
Jul 27, 2011 12:04 AM
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Hi everyone,

After MUCH additional research and the last ten days piled into the queen bed in our guest room, it's time to make a decision. Of course, given that we've been burned by pillow top sagging, the generally poor quality of a lot of mattresses these days, the pretty much non existent warranties (well, none that will ever be honored), and the general shenanigans of this industry, I am so nervous. I am willing to spend a good amount on a mattress, but given our history, I will be very upset if a new fancy mattress is sagging again in under two years, I cannot return, and I am out $1,000-2,000 for a king.

So- I think I've concluded that I'd like to buy from Sam's or Costco due to their very general and long term return policies.

Please keep in mind that we have tried latex and while I REALLY wanted to love it, I just could not adjust and my back always felt "fatigued"?

I have REALLY enjoyed reading the pages and pages of reviews & comments here and truly appreciate the input. SO, now I am hoping you all can help me here. I know how people here feel about memory foam, but I do have several friends that swear by it and if it's returnable, part of me really wants to try it.

I have read a lot of pretty good things about Night Therapy on Sleep Like the Dead, Sam's reviews (very positive), and other places. On the other hand, I've read on this board where Phoenix recommended the 12" Aerus from Sam's (rather than the Sleep Science from Costco) also pretty good reviews. Again, I am 5'7" ~165 and husband is 6'0" ~220lbs. We both like a pretty firm support. I sleep stomach and side. He sleeps side and back. We are looking for something with good support so we do not wake with back pain. Our usual back pain is more muscle related- middle back.

Two different choices that seem pretty good for the money:

1.) Night Therapy 10 or 12" memory foam from Sam's ($~400)

  • 3" of 3lb memory foam
  • 2" of Theratouch (not exactly sure what this is- for airflow)?
  • 5" high density base

2.) Aerus 12" Natural memory foam from Sam's ($542)

  • 3" of 4lb memory foam
  • 9" of Intellifoam base (again, not exactly sure what this means)

I've read a lot on the difference b/t 3, 4, and 5lb foam. I think we'd prefer the faster bounce back of 3-4lb and I've read you sink a little less with 3-4lb than 5? Also read that 4lb is a little more pressure sensitive while 5lb is more temp sensitive. Have also read that 3lb may be poor quality and deteriorate quickly? But have read good things overall about Night Therapy.

Thoughts appreciated on these two. Your experience or knowledge. Looking for: Good support, sinking a little less, little faster bounce back, brand quality, firm, but not rock hard on shoulders, etc.....


Worst case scenario, we move on to the $300 Night Therapy firm 8" firm king with 700+ 12 guage coils from Sam's + a topper! ;)   or sleep on the floor ;)

THANK YOU! smiley

Re: Sam's Club memory foam (Night Therapy vs. Aerus)
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Hi Dallas Girl,

Sorry I am new to this forum, hence my late comments. You might have already made your choice. But here's my take.

Night Therapy, Sleep Master, Spa Sensations, are all brands from Zinus. They make mattresses and other stuff too. I don't remember seeing what size you wanted.

The Night Therapy 10 and 12 Inch pressure relieving mattresses are the same as Sleep Master sold on Amazon. Before Zinus changed its website, I got the 10 inch pressure relieving foam mattress. The difference between it and the Night Therapy is this.: top down, ... Zinus mattress, 3, 3, 4, Even though the box says night Therapy the mattress on both Amazon and Sams Club are the same spec, 3, 2, and 5. That would mean, maybe just a hair firmer, but the same softness due to the same top layer.

I am coming from a full Leesa. I wanted to try out something else on the Twin side.

As for the Zinus mattress, it was on sale for $127 Twin. couldn't pass that one up. I also got the 14 inch Elite base. Put some doublestick tape on it, and that will resolve the sliding problem. The base went together nicely. I didn't have the instructions to read. It was easy to figure out.

Now the mattress is firm, no question. It did soften up in the last week. used a simple trick, walking on it in stocking feet for 30 seconds before sliding in between the sheets. Do that for a few days, and all will be well.

I look at it this way. If the bed works out, and it doesn't hold up, then you contact the mfg. Anyway, that's all for now.

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