Recreate OMF latex mattress using FBM?
Mar 26, 2012 2:36 PM
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Has anyone done this?  I've tried out the Original Mattress Factory latex at the showroom and I like it.  I am interested in making my own, however, to save costs and to eliminate the 1" poly layer.  I need a CA King, so the costs get much higher at this size.

I like the 9" bed which I believe is comprised of 6" of 32 ILD Talalay latex core, a 2" 19 ILD topper, and then 1" of poly foam.  The cost for this mattress would come to around $1700 with tax and delivery.

I can get those materials from Foam By Mail for around $1000 (no tax or shipping), using 6" 32 ILD and 2 or 3" of 20 ILD. 

My question is, has anyone done this? Are FBM's ILD levels comparable to OMF?  I read on this forum that OMF gets their latex from Latex International. If that is true, how does Latex International compare to FMB?  I have also read on here that FBM can be more firm. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

On another topic, box springs:

I do like the quality of OMF's box spring, but without purchasing it as a set it is $120-150 more if purchased by itself (I don't remember the exact number offhand, but I know it goes from $290 if purchased with a mattress to over $400 if purchased by itself.)  Any suggestions for a box spring/foundation, or is this worth the cost?  I see Sleep EZ has one for $380 or so.  Do you recommend that one?  I live in the midwest and it does get quite humid in the summer so I understand a solid base (non-breathable) is a no-no. 


Re: Recreate OMF latex mattress using FBM?
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Since LI is the only manufacturer of natural talalay latex in the U.S. you might ask yourself, where is FBM getting their talalay from? Their website states that it's european 100% natural talalay. If that's true then there is only one source - Radium from the Netherlands. The distributor for Radium foam in the U.S. is Sleep Comp West which I know for a fact does not sell to FBM. So again ask yourself, where are they getting it from? Many questions about this company and the accuracy of their website.
Re: Recreate OMF latex mattress using FBM?
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I live about 45 minutes from FBM, and went there one day to buy 2'' of memory foam (the pink stuff).

When I asked them who made it, they would not - under any circumstances - tell me.  Got quite 'snippy' about it, and said 'that's proprietary and trade-secret information". 

Really gotta wonder.  My guess it's cheap Chinese garbage.  That said, I have 2'' of it and it does seem decent quality.  But very suspect and strange!

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