Questions re plushbeds and also re adjustable-slat design bed frame
Jul 24, 2013 8:12 AM
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It might be time for a new bed.

For the past several years I've been sleeping on a bowed-wood slatted "foundation" from IKEA and 1" of a very firm HD foam on the bottom followed by 3" of pretty firm Dunlop latex and 2" of medium natural Talalay on top. I've tried various additions/ subtractions but this is what has worked most often. (Sometimes I've used 1"of memory foam on top, and/or a thick wool mattress pad.) But I usually end up taking those off after some time and going back to the basic design above. However recently it seems to have lost its comfort for me.


I think the weak link is the IKEA bowed wood base as it has probably gotten worn out over time. Or else it's just my back acting up again in which case NO mattress will really help.

I am thinking of either buying something like the Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds (because it seems like a solid-ly conceived mattress with quality components at a good price) or maybe just a new slatted wood base but one that is adjustable in terms of firmness (like those ones where you can slant the slats for more or less firmness).

Okay, so my specific questions are:

1) Has anyone had any experience with returning or exchanging a mattress at (just in case I buy it and don't like it)

2) Has anyone tried the Botanical Bliss specifically or do you recall any reviews of it here?

3) Can anyone recommend a not-too-expensive slatted wood base that has a firmness-adjustable design? (that is to say, one can adjust the firmness; I don't mean "adjustable mattress" in the sense of raising the head or legs etc.; just a flat base with slats that are adjustable for firmness)


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Re: Questions re plushbeds and also re adjustable-slat design bed frame
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I recently purchased the 10" Botanical Bliss in medium from Plushbeds. I weigh 160 lbs and I am a side sleeper. I prefer a soft, plush feel and this mattress is perfect for me. I have never been so comfortable and slept so well before. The way this latex mattress feels on my back is incredible. It has helped my back pain so much. It gives great pressure relief and nice cushioning so that your hip and shoulder do not hurt when sleeping on my side. I have never slept so well.
Re: Questions re plushbeds and also re adjustable-slat design bed frame
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@jimsocal I purchased a Botanical Bliss100% natural latex mattress from Plushbeds for my master bedroom. I do not have experience with returning it because I absolutely love it but I did do the free 100 day comfort exchange with Plushbeds on this mattress when I first received it and I have to say their customer service team is wonderful and they do go out of their way to make sure you are happy. I ordered a medium firm, not realizing that medium is better suited for side sleepers. After a few weeks of sleeping on the mattress, I called Plushbeds and told them I felt the mattress was too firm. They told me I am eligible for a free comfort exchange and they sent me a new top layer, in the softer firmness, for free. I unzipped the cover & replaced the old top layer with the new top layer and the mattress is now perfect - very comfortable. I received the new layer in under one week too. This is a great company.

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