The Problem with Tempurpedic mattresses
Nov 29, 2011 10:11 PM
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The problem I have with the warranty is that you are led to believe the mattress will last 20 years. However, the bed softens over time and becomes saggy in the spots where you sleep. It can become so bad you can have major back pain and need a new mattress  In order to get a replacement from tempurpedic it has to sag more than 3/4" when no one is on it. This is impossible to show since it springs back to its original position.Initially you may love this bed and then it needs to be replaced say maybe within a year! The only way your tempupedic mattress will last 20 years is if you aren't sleeping on it. And I have no idea how to get a replacement if the "only" problem is that the mattress is so soft it no longer offers any support..
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Re: The Problem with Tempurpedic mattresses
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10sChick.  Thank you for sharing your experimentation.  I take it that you were having lower back pain because you sunk too far into the Tempurpedic.  Which model Tempurpedic are you sleeping on?  It makes perfect sense that putting the floor runner under a thin topper would seriously firm up your bed.  Body heat cannot effect the memory foam under the runner.  I will be interested to hear how this feels after a month and long term.  Please let us know.  Mattdud.



We had the same dissatisfaction without our Tempur-Pedic sinking and causing back pain, but YOU CAN RIG A SOLUTION!! A year ago, we bought a high end Tempurpedic (as our "exchange" mattress when the first memory foam mattress didn't cut it) thinking this would be the best memory foam you can buy. And perhaps it is, but my husband suffered big time with back pain as he slowly sunk into it after the first hour of sleep. We have a split king (one side is memory foam, the other mattress a hybrid of springs + foam top). We fought over who would have to sleep on the Tempurpedic side since we both hated it. Tried to sell it for half price on Craigslist for months and NO ONE will buy a used mattresses of that quality in a TWIN XL. So last weekend we got creative. After going to IKEA, we went to the mattress section and found the softest mattress on the floor. It was way softer than our bed, but this was for testing purposes. We took a thin firm topper they also had on the floor and it did help to prevent the sinkage into the memory foam. Even more impressive was placing the topper on top of the runner mat they put at the end of the bed to keep dirty shoes off the beds. It was a huge support base to have this rubber floor rug runner, so we thought what's another $112 dollars at this point? We bought the thin (1.5") TJOME topper (TWIN was only $99) and the $12 LYNAS floor runner. Placed the runner on top of our tempurpedic right at the lower back point, secured it tightly, then put the TJOME topper over it. Covered it all with a spare top sheet and it is now THEE more comfortable side of the bed if you can believe it!!!!! My husband is in heaven and I thrilled that this year long battle has been resolved and we both wake up to happy backs in the morning! The rubber runner doesn't slip at all and provides just the extra stiffness to stop the sinking. DO IT!!!!
Re: The Problem with Tempurpedic mattresses
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Wow! You've got it all figured out Joe...and so polite too. You've been an active member on a mattress forum for 10 years? Who does that, and why? So tell me, how long have you owned a Tempurpedic? More importantly, how long have you or a relative worked for the company? The problem roy1 described is exactly the issue I have, a friend of mine has, as well as many others who've owned one for more than a few years. A quick Google search will tell you that. it's a legitimate issue and not uncommon, certainly one that doesn't deserve such a smart response.

When I spent over $4,000 a few years ago on the top of the line model with a 10-20 warranty, I expected to get at least 8-10 years of useful life. Instead I get 3 years. The first year was great. The second year was pretty good. The third year started going downhill quick. The soft spots are significant after a few years of use, leading to the same hammock effect that almost any mattress suffers from. If I lay on the bed in some spots, I'll sink many inches within minutes. In other spots, I'll only sink a couple of inches overnight. Clearly the foam has broken down in frequently used spots. That doesn't surprise me, it's what any foam would do over time, but for that price, I expect more. Is even 5 years too much to ask? Apparently so. I can get that kind of longevity out of a traditional mattress for half the price.

This mattress was great the first couple of years. I'd never slept and felt so good. Foam is not my problem and I don't have a "comfort issue". My problem is that (A) it broke down so quickly compared to what the warranty implies (or even other types of mattresses), and (B) the built-in topper conceals the problem, ensuring the warranty will never be honored. I could dig out a basketball sized hole in the sub-layer and the top layer would hide it completely. I guarantee that if the mattress were cut open and tested or the topper were removed, the damage would be obvious. I also guarantee that the Tempurpedic knows it's an issue and has adjusted the warranty accordingly, making replacement based on visual proof nearly impossible to justify.

Yes, I have the official Tempurpedic foundation, and yes, it is in perfect as-new rock hard condition. The foam has broken down quickly, the design hides the problem, and the warranty is useless. Plain and simple - the mattress is either defective or the manufacturer should tell the buyer not to expect more than 5 years of use. If you know long-time users without this issue, then it's entirely possible there was a problem with manufacturing or materials on mine, or it's model specific.

If you have constructive content to share, fine. If you just enjoy trolling, go somewhere else.
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Re: The Problem with Tempurpedic mattresses
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I'm sympathetic with your bad experience. And I think some online mattress brands may offer you better warranties, which is clear and easy to do. 3 months ago, I bought a Sunrising Bedding mattress from Amazon. It was my first online purchase but I have to say this mattress is incredible. It is very comfortable and is an amazing combination of soft and firm. I love that I could totally do away with my box springs. I bought one of the smart bases to go along with this and it gives this mattress a great foundation to sit on. And the storage space that you gin underneath is a very good fringe benefit.

I have seen a couple of reviews that this mattress is too hot and I really could not disagree more. I am 6'2" and 280lbs and I always run very hot. I can't tell a different between this mattress and a traditional one as far as heat retention goes. Another great benefit of this mattress is that it transfers very little movement. If you are asleep, someone can get in and out without disturbing you at all. I actually set a water bottle (capped, of course) on one side, then I got in and out of the bed, tossed and turned, and even mimicked some (ahem) other movements. I could do it all without the water bottle falling over.

I cannot speak to the mattresses durability as I have had it for a very short period. However, it carries a 10 year warranty should something happen to it. And even if the warranty was to not cover it, this mattress is cheap enough to replace it sooner and you will still be out of pocket less than you would with a traditional mattress and box spring set.

I have also seen some reviews about this mattress having a weird smell. Maybe I just got lucky, but neither of the mattresses I received has any sort of odor at all. Even straight out of the box and plastic.

One downside that I can mention, the first mattress we received never expanded to the full 12". I still leave a 5 star rating because I bought this here and Amazon took care of me. They told me to keep the mattress, throw it away, or donate it, they didn't care, and they sent me another one right away free of any cost. The replacement expanded to the full 12" within 4 hours.
Re: The Problem with Tempurpedic mattresses
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We received a king size Tempurpedic bed (King mattress and 2 twin foundations) for an anniversary present 17 years ago and have been very happy with it until the last couple of years. I am a side sleeper and I have been experiencing occasional severe hip and leg pain upon awakening. Fortunately it goes away within an hour or so of being up and moving around. Perhaps the mattress is getting too old. There seems to be a very slight sag effect but not at all severe. I love the way it deadens motion, as I am a very restless sleeper and my husband and I often keep different hours. I am also generally very comfortable in it at first. I have devised a sausage-shaped pillow out of a knee sock which I use to provide support and take the pressure off my hip and side. This works if the stuffing is relatively fresh, and if I position it just right, and if the planets are aligned. But I am concerned about nerve damage as my nerves are hypersensitive in general. I am reluctant to spend mega bucks on a new mattress in hopes of getting one as good as the one we now have. I also don't know if it's my own quirky health matter, or if it's the bed. Can anyone suggest any other hacks to what we have now? Waffle foam topper maybe? Different brand? Or should we take a chance on spending a small fortune for a new one? Any particular model? Thanks!

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