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Aug 11, 2010 5:04 PM
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Hi I am new, and going through mattress troubles.  I have just realized that my bed is killing me when I sleep :(  I just got a new mattress, which is the same as my old one.  Its a "Simmons signature plush III", whatever that means :)  Its a pillow top, but only on one side.  Anyhow, I didn't buy this mattress nor do I own it or the one before and given where I live in the Caribbean there are no mattress stores about.  


The issue is my lower back is killing me. I use to sleep on my side and still fall asleep that way, I think that is the way I want to sleep, but it becomes uncomfortable in my lower back and hip area, then I notice that I find myself sleeping on my stomach after I am asleep, with one leg or the other raised up real high to my side, like I have raised my knee....if that makes sense.  I toss to and fro all night.  I can't sleep on my back, for whatever the reasons, although I am going to try more.

I don't know if I need a firm bed or a soft.  I am so confused now :) I figured firm since my other bed was so soft and hammacked that It was really hurting me.  I read that you want a softer bed for side sleeping so your hips can sink in.  I have never been shopping for a mattress, and have to wait till I fly back to the States before I can try some.


I did start thinking of a DIY on the non-pillow top side.  I can probably get a lot of supplies via mail - if not too big/heavy.   I can't cut the mattress since it is not mine, but I do think I could lay some foam/latex down and see where it leads me.  My questions is what would you recommend I top with for how I sleep  I want to make my experimentation as cheap as possible....I don't mind spending money, but not until I know its perfect.


Also what on earth are Hotel mattresses?  What makes them different...anything?


Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you,


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Ser_renely wrote:

Thanks for the response Jim.  I wrote a response and it got deleted somehow...


Anyhow, I live in the Bahamas, on a real small island.  No stores here, really.  I have done a lot of reading here but still am learning.  I think I am going to make do my own modular QUEEN mattress.  I want to buy it in 2-3" layers and am wondering how much latex to I really need?  5", 6"?  I weigh 160-170ish and am 5'9" - triangle body, muscular, big shoulders/chest , tiny waist....I like long walks on the beach....ohhh wait wrong site. :p  


Here are my questions:

  • How much latex do I really need? 
  • I was originally thinking of FBM, but their quality concerns me a little bit.  I want to know exactly what I am getting, they don't seem to say where they get their latex from. Any thoughts on their stuff?  I was thinking of getting the firm base from them, but I am not sure if it will be firm enough...if not I am screwed.
  • How hard is it cut latex?  If I decide to do zones?
  • What are the views on Talatech versus natural?  I got the impression that Talatech on the bottom parts and natural up top might be best for feeling and durability?
  • How important is a mattress cover?  how much of a difference does it make?  They seem to range from $150 to $600

I am going to the States in a couple weeks to try out stuff, want to get my as much info down as I can so I know what I am doing.



Ser :) 

8" should be enough latex in total for your weight.

Don't know FBM personally.

Cutting latex is quite easy. Electric carving knife. I got one for $15 at Target or somewhere.

Haven't tried Talatech but I do like the Natural Talalay. Talatech on the bottom would be fine if money is an issue. Otherwise I'd stick with natural.

I don't use mattress covers. Don't know if it's important or not.

However, I am concerned about mould issues in the Bahamas. Rubber can sweat and if you do go with latex I think you will want to make sure you use a dehumidifier in the bedroom. But then most anything can mould if you're in a humid area by the ocean which I assume ALL of the Bahamas is. ;-D

I'm not saying don't use latex, just warning you about mould. I lived near the ocean in a tropical area for awhile and even the regular mattress got mouldy if you didn't air it out or put it in the sun on sunny days, etc. Lots of mould issues there.

I am not sure if the right kind of cover would help that situation or hurt it. Is Budgy around? He might be able to give an educated answer on that. Anyone?

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I have a dehumidifier, and keep my humidity down low bc of allergies.  So that will not be a problem, but thanks for the heads up.

What sort of feel difference is there from taletech to natural?

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