Need help cutting through Latex Mattress Fog
Sep 27, 2013 2:41 PM
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I have been reading numerous posts, and look forward to the opinions of any of you that have one.

I am considering a new purchase of a Latex Mattress, and since there is no local dealer in Chattanooga that has the expertise to discuss these matters intelligently.I have read an old entry dated 2010 by Phoenix and am just trying to clarify a few points, and to see if there have been any changes in the past three years.

First, I am looking at a budget of $3000 plus or minus.  It would not hurt my feelings to come in below, but if someone can talk me into it, I will consider the benefits.

Second, based on what I have been reading in this forum, Astrabeds, Plushbeds, OMI, Flobeds and Dremata are among the most popular with OMI being strong but much more expensive.  Is there a consensus that these offer good represenations of Latex mattresses?  Natural is another brand, but seems to be questionably reliable.  Does anyone have someone different that you believe I really should be looking at?  I looked at Astrabeds (aka Simply Rest) on the BBB web site, and they are given an F rating and scathing reviews.  When I contacted Astrabeds, they indicated that they are INDEED a different company from Simply Rest and have been unable to get Better Business Bureau to correct their entry.  Can anyone confirm that Astrabeds is a reliable online retailer?

Next, I weigh 210 and sleep on my side,  my wife is 115 and sleeps on her back,  She is handicapped with Rheumatoid arthritis, and need support of hips, back, knees and shoulders, but had avoided the memory foam because she also has trouble moving, so doesn't like the consttraints of being "cocooned" in very soft foam. 

Astrabeds suggested their Harmony bed with layers of 36, 32 and 28 ILD bottom to top but from what I have read, this sounds fairly stiff to me.  I am inclined to go a "4 layer" bed just so I can get more different foam types (from 19-36) and be able to swap more to get just the right feel.  Flobeds promotes different layers on each have of the bed, which precludes being able to rotate the mattress, which I assume would help in the avoidance of body impressions.

I am definitely looking for all natural, but not necessarily "certified" because of the offgas issue.  I guess what I need is for someone to convince me that any of the above vendors are not acceptable, and as one previous post indicated, it is just to stop analyzing to death and just pull the trigger

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Re: Need help cutting through Latex Mattress Fog (About Astrabeds)
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There are several reputable vendors in the list you are considering, and even more on this forum, but don't be fooled by Astrabeds "INDEED" not being the same as Simply Rest (and Amerisleep too, for that matter), unless they're under new management, but I doubt it. I guess they could "technically" say that they aren't the same as Simply Rest because they are a separate branch, but they all DO fall under the same umbrella - One Mall Group (just go to OneMallGroup(dot)com and verify for yourself), and they all use similar marketing tactics from what I've observed.

I recall when I was looking for a mattress that Astrabeds had a C+ rating with the BBB, and now isn't even listed on there - my gut says that BBB decided to consolidate their listing. I trust the BBB more than I would a company not wanting to be associated with a brand that gets multiple complaints. It's too easy if one of your branches/brands gets a bit of heat to say that you aren't them, and if the other one starts getting the heat, the same thing. By the way, I did end up purchasing from one of the brands on your list, but I don't want to be promoting anything specific here, just trying to help you steer clear of a headache from my own due diligence. It seems you've been doing your own due diligence as well, so not too worried about the outcome. You'll find a fine mattress, I'm sure.



Amos S.

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Re: Need help cutting through Latex Mattress Fog
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Amos, I thank you for your input.  When I talked to Astrabeds, there was no mention as to "new management" rather the "BBB is just wrong".  I share your skepticism and appreciate your additional information.

Whereas I understand the forum rules about not promoting a particular business, I guess the real function of the forum is to "alert" each other when something is just plain wrong!  My due diligence has really gotten me to a "short list" and figure that I probably can't go terribly wrong with any of them, taking into consideration return policies, warranties and the company's willing to work with you.





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