Need a good coil mattress
Apr 23, 2012 3:37 PM
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Can anyone tell me the mattresses they are happy with that have lasted more than a couple of years and are still firm with no body impressions?  No pillow tops either .. so tired of looking at mattresses and second guessing myself.
Re: Need a good coil mattress
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I wanted the OMF Ortho Ultra Firm, but didn't have the money and am not done moving around the country yet, either.  So I went cheap, buying a discontinued mattress.  I'm happy with my setup, here:

Re: Need a good coil mattress
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Consumer Reports doesn't post mattress reviews for a very good reason.


A Mattress is kind of like a specific size of shoe.


I love my size 10 Dockers. They're comfortable, have good traction, and are extra wide for my foot. If I poll 1000 random people, however, and have them try my size 10 extra wide dockers, a large percentage of them probably wouldn't like them. There is no best mattress. There's a best mattress FOR YOU.


That said, we're more than happy to help you find that one.

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