Natalie's New Flobed (updated with vZone pics) - New Final Review
Feb 19, 2010 6:29 PM
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On suggestions of eagle2 and KimberlyH, I'm starting my own thread. I hope my experience may possibly help someone else as I continue to receive help from all the wonderful posters on this forum.

Summary from two previous posts (edited):

1)  Background (sorry, if you've already read it skip it):
 60 yr old F,  5' 7", 128 lbs, side sleeper -- Fibromyalgia. Extreme pressure points in hips, (tingling, burning, numbness, pain). Currently sleeping on aTP Cloud Supreme... not really sure it's right for me (How can something feel so soft when you first lie down, and be so hard a few hours later?). Still have 6 weeks before deciding to either  exchange it for TP Rhapsody (a special "thank you" here to budgy for all his TP information) or get refund and start over. OR new option - try FloBeds and compare!

I had tried an Englander Natures Finest Latex and was in so much pain on it, I had quit the idea of latex altogether because of it (I never was able to find the exact content of that particular bed). I admit, at the time I made that decision, I was totally ignorant about different ILD's, thicknesses, customizing layers, coverings, latex actually helping with pressure points, etc.

 2) Well, I did it! My new bed should be here no later than Monday. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Dewey was very nice and helpful and thanks to you all I had a list of questions, but he really answered most of them before I could ask. Which was great because I don't do phone very well, and I did do the "ah... ah... ah.." .  I went with all his recommendations except for the vZone, which we decided I could upgrade to later if needed. So my new bed is:

Natural Deluxe - Natural Talalay Latex Green Mattress

Organic Cotton & Wool Cover

Natural Talalay Latex Convolute Comfort Pad

Both sides:
Natural Talalay Latex Core-Soft

Natural Talalay Latex Core-Medium

Natural Talalay Latex Core-Firm

I told him about how informed and extremely helpful you've all been, (though I think most of you spoke with Dave who was unavailable) Dewey was glad to hear about how impressed I was about this great forum.

These large purchases always scare me, but he assured me if for any reason I didn't love the bed, I would only be out the shipping cost of sending it back, which is very reasonable. Eagle, you are so right about how reassuring it is to deal with the owners!

I do realize no bed is going to cure my fibromyalgia and all the issues it creates, but I am hoping this bed will provide some relief and comfort... without all the rules the TP demands you follow.


Great posts to read for anyone interested in FloBeds:
  <a href="">Just bought a new Flobeds</a>   
  <a href="">Please help me figure out which FloBed to buy</a>

Just received an email from Dewey - my new FloBed is on it's way so I will update when it arrives Monday. I'm just so excited, I couldn't wait to share!.

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Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Update Tuesday 02/23/10

Here is my experience in setting up my new Flobed. I've posted a few pics here, but a full picture gallery can be viewed <a href=""target="_blank">here</a> (thanks to a special friend for letting me use the web space and teaching me the html) :

Whew... UPS didn't arrive until 6 pm. Son had left and it was just Hubby (with his own physical problems) and myself UGH! The UPS man was nice enough to bring the boxes inside, but we didn't realize he'd place the heaviest one on top!

Four boxes totaling 170 LBS:
1)  60 lbs contains cover and and 2 soft cores (my top layers)
2)  22 lbs contains 1 convoluted top cover
3)  42 lbs contains 2 medium cores (my center layers)
4)  46 lbs contains 2 firm cores (my bottom layers)
<img src="" />

My adjustable base purchased last year when I bought the Englander:
<img src="" />

First step was laying out the cover on top of the base and unzipping it:
<img src="" />

Next we folded the side of the cover down over the adjustable base.. tight fit:
<img src="" />

Then we layed the first firm layer:
<img src="" />

Note: when removing each layer from its bag, I recommend you let the bag fully fill with air and expand before trying to remove them as the latex is soft and easily torn... especially on the softer layers. We didn't rip any, but we were very, very careful.

Then the second firm layer:
<img src="" />

Now hubby realized/ decided he wanted the the smooth outer sides of the layers on the top, bottom and sides for a neat look. He also wanted to keep the holes closest to edge of each layer toward the center of the bed. He ALSO decided he wanted the large holes to remain facing upward. This posed a tiny problem.

The instructions say to put all the labels at the foot of the bed for "easy reference", but some of the labels were placed to where this couldn't be achieved without flipping the layers. So we stopped and re-flipped a few to match them up the way he wanted. Personally, I didn't think it mattered!

It was basically "rinse, repeat" for the middle and top layers. Eagle you and Leo were so right... it was like handling a limp drunk person.

Side view of three layers:
<img src="" />

Next came the convoluted topper peaks facing up. It was glued together about 12" in on one side, so we put that on the side I usually don't sleep on:
<img src="" />

All during the process we shook the jello like pieces into place until they lined up perfectly.

Now came time to pull the cover sides up all the way around to enfold the layers and topper. We did this very carefully while gently pushing the layers inward to clear the cover. Then we laid the top cover in place before zipping it all up:
<img src="" />

<img src="" />

Let the zipping CAREFULLY begin! Be sure to hold the flap connected to the top cover down between the latex and zipper while zipping. This prevents the latex from getting anywhere near the zipper:
<img src="" />

<img src="" />

<img src="" />

I finally got to lay on it. I felt like I was on a kid's jumpy house floor! I was afraid if I bounced I would hit the ceiling... LOL. It felt soft and sooo good, but at this point I hurt so badly anything would've felt good.

My bed is made! Just in time to unmake it:
<img src="" />

We started this at 6:30 pm, and didn't finish until 11:00 pm. We stopped and took a LOT of breaks and at midnight, after putting the room back together we were both in so much pain, but had a great feeling of accomplishment.

After a soaking hot bath to ease my aching muscles (and taking a pain pill... or two), I folded down the bedspread, pulled back the blankets and got in.... I got to use my electric blanket which I missed so much while on my TP!!! The only thing I know right now is my kitty loves it.

Ignore the furniture. I've had it since my fourteenth b-day, and hubby's been promising me he'd refinish it since I turned 25! Maybe now he'll be shamed into having it done.

My impressions on how it feels will follow in another post...  I don't want to be premature, so I'm going to give it a few nights.

Thanks for all help! Couldn't have done it without you all!
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Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Dear Natalie,

Well good on you. Damn, isn't it just like good old UPS? They're always late and you need them to be early!

Well thank goodness you had your husband to help you. If you go back and look at my thread you'll see that I had a waterbed to remove and screwed up draining it, so my little wife and I had to move a big old sloshy and mushy waterbed that probably had 150 pounds of water left in it into the bathroom where we could finish draining it into the shower. Then finally we got around to doing what you did, put the bed together!

We started at one in the afternoon and didn't get done till around 10 PM, if memory serves. No damn fun!

But like you it was well worth it to finally crawl into that wonderful cushy bed. Not going over anymore of it here as it's all in the thread "Just bought a new Flowbed."

Well, the good part starts now. Good sleeping and the comforting thought that if you want to change any of your layer's FloBeds will be right there to take care of you. You sure want to give it a couple weeks, it'll probably take that long to, first of all get the true feel of the new mattress, and second of all, to get over putting it together in the 1st place.

You sure took some wonderful photographs and documented your minor engineering feat the best of anybody that I have seen on this board. You may have trouble with your conversation on the phone when you're stressed out (according to your statement), but you have no problem whatsoever communicating on this board and illustrating what it is you want to show us.

Congratulations, and I hope everything works out wonderfully for you and your husband and the new Flowbeds.

Sweet dreams!
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Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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cant wait to hear from you as often as possible as to your reaction...problem is with me sometimes when i spend a lot of money i tend to tell myself it is better than it is to justify it

i had to admit that this worked and that didn't, etc...

thanks for your info
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Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Awesome thread, thanks for the pics and all!
Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Thanks for posting those pictures, so nice to see.

P.S.  Your furniture looks great.  Don't see a thing wrong with it, you should see my old waterbed pine furniture from the 70's!
Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Great pictures, and looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.

It's nitpicky, but . . . it's Flobeds people, FLOBEDS, not Flowbeds
Re: Natalie's New Flobed
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Yes Kimberly I hear you. You would think by now I would always get it right, but....... oh well!

Possibly a bit of explanation regarding the name Flobeds might be useful.

I believe I have the story correct. When Dave Turner first started out he was principally involved with waterbeds. In fact he still manufactures some waterbeds, along with the air beds and of course his principal product, latex mattresses. But when he was searching for a name he just took the word flow (as in water flows) and removed the W. and added beds. I wish he hadn't done that and had left the W. in there and then possibly I would not make so many mistakes when I go to spell it. I am a terrible typist and a worse speller. Thank God for the edit button that lives in perpetuity on this website. I have used it a ton of times. And I still make mistakes that I do not get edited out!
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Re: Natalie's New Flobed
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Hello everyone!

I'm finally able to move a bit... LOL I am adjusting to the my new Flobed, and with a few minor caveats, I really like it!

The first night was not so good, but my pain from assembling the bed was a MAJOR factor in that. The worse part was my hip pain was not relieved at all.

2nd Night - Better, but still some hip tingling, numbness, pain, but not as bad as night one.

3rd Night - Much better. I raised the head of the bed and slept straight through and well! YAY! (neck and shoulders just a tiny bit sore).

It's a HUGH difference going from 100% TP foam to 100% Talalay latex. Soft kinda sinking into vs. Soft, cuddly bouncy, so I'm still adjusting. I will give it another week, but have a feeling I will need to call Dewey and go with the vZone.  Oh good more "ah... ah... ah.." (eagle, it's true! I'm awful at phone!

I hope they make an extra soft layer? I think I may need that for the hip zone. I'm not having any back pain at all (yet), so I'm glad I went with the soft, medium, and then firm layers.

I have a tight 100% cotton mattress pad on it right now, but I plan on removing that tonight and seeing what difference it makes. eagle and others have stated many times that tiny changes make a huge difference, and I know this was so true with the TP Cloud.

Getting into bed is fun! Soft, squishy, and bouncy all at the same time. As stated before, I get to use my electric blanket and don't think I ever want to give that up again!!! My kitty is 17 1/2 yrs. old and she and I both love the soothing heat.

Kimberly, you're not nitpickin'! This great company deserves it's recognition and the least I (we) can do is spell its name correctly. Also, how will anyone find it using search if we keeping posting "Flowbed", so I corrected the post name. Also a shout- out for your posts. They were and are extremely helpful to me.

Randy, when going from a TP to other type of mattress, (for those of us who love the feel of Tempur-pedic) you described it best... Sorry if I'm misquoting you, but something like "going from a Mercedes to a Hyundai".  Except...  the Hyundai seats ARE the most comfortable and cause no pain, and the Hyundai gets better gas milage...  so in the end it's much better than a painful gas guzzling Mercedes. (No offense to Mercedes owners). I don't mean that the Flobed is a less luxurious mattress, I'm just using this as a metaphor. It is a most comfortable bed and comparing it to anything not 100% Talalay latex is apples vs oranges.

Leo, my brother had a '70's waterbed furniture set forever, and always teased me about my "froo froo" girly set well into my '50's! Also, thank you, you're posts are a huge help!

eagle, I can't imagine having to ever do this again! Hubby (who has his own bedroom) likes my Flobed, but I'm not sharing! A special thank you for all your invaluable information. Without your reassurance of the company, I probably wouldn't have given this a try.

I know I keep saying it, but ONE last time... thanks to everyone here, budgy, Alice, jimsocal, TJ12, everyone! There is so much great information on this forum. You can glean something from EVERY post whether it be for Flobeds, big S brands, chairs, saddles, pads, sheets... just incredible!

I will keep updating, but if any of you have any suggestions, please jump in. Especially about the vZoning with an extra- soft layer at hips. It's still too early to tell if I will need it, but I'm wondering if it will through everything else off?

Natalie <--- long winded as usual
Re: Natalie's New Flowbed
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Natalie, keep us posted.

You are an inspiration, and I hope you get the comfort you deserve.  Hopefully someday I will too

Keep your furniture as is, doesn't look like it needs refinished to me.

It will take you days to recover from carrying that latex around, it is heavy.  Natural is suppose to weigh more than blended latex.

I forgot you have an adjustable base don't you?  I was thinking of getting that when I FINALLY get a new bed.

Question for you about the wool cover and the sewn lines, since you are as sensitive as I am (probably, just assuming) do you feel any puffiness or lines from the cover?  I only ask because I can't stand mattress pads because of the sewn lines every few inches and the polyester stuffing.  But the Flobed cover is wool and cotton so I am hoping it is soft.  I would try not to put a tight mattress pad on it, since you want the softness.
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Re: Natalie's New Flobed
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 Natalie said: "I have a tight 100% cotton mattress pad on it right now, but I plan on removing that tonight and seeing what difference it makes. eagle and others have stated many times that tiny changes make a huge difference, and I know this was so true with the TP Cloud."

Yes, do take off the mattress pad and see how that feels. Remember, please remember, it's going to take some time to adjust to your new bed. Particularly in light of the fact that you strained yourself putting it together.

I think the biggest mistake we all make, as I have stated many times before, is that we want our beds to be so cuddly, cushy, and soft. If I could make some magical arrangement where I could lay down on this soft cuddly floating cloud of a mattress, and still get the kind of proper support for my spine that would keep it aligned,  I would do it in a heartbeat. Alas it is not to be for me. I tried it! I went so far as to get a soft piece and another medium piece after putting my mattress together, and put it on top of an extra firm piece. I had back and hip pain almost immediately. I don't recall now, but I think I only slept on it for two or three nights before I had to give up. Now I weigh a lot more than you do, so what you need is going to be much different than what I need. I just state the foregoing to try and make the point that we all want a mattress that is softer than probably what is really good for our spinal alignment.

In any event, good luck, and keep us posted.
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