Mattress Topper for short money?
Oct 13, 2013 11:01 AM
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I'm a stomach (mostly) and side sleeper.


I have a brand new Simmons Firm 700 coil count, 15.5 gauge mattress. hopefully it will soften up although I am only 130 lbs.

The thing is like sleeping on a cement slab. But at least I can build it up. I need the firmness for the stomach sleeping.

Looking for as low-cost as possible a topper solution so my lungs and ribcage don't hurt when stomach sleeping and so I can do some side sleeping. Want to soften it up somewhat.

i have a 1.5" memory foam topper on it with decent density but it's not enough. I am bottoming out somewhat right back onto the hardness of the new mattress. Also the chemical smell from the topper although aired out outdoors for a week and has off-gassed somewhat - is horrible for me (I have a chemical sensitivity) and I'm not crazy about the heat issue of it either.

My thought was to buy a gel topper (any ideas or recommendations?) Would this make the bed firmer though - or softer?

I could also try a better - but used - memory foam topper on Craigslist (say what you will about used stuff - I have few options here I believe!) and I could air it out as well. I do find that putting a towel iver the topper dimishes the smell somewhat.

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Re: Mattress Topper for short money?
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I might also suggest that two of the most often spoken critiques of MF are the heat issue and the offgassing issue.  Yes, you can buy more, thicker or whatever MF, but that solves neither of these problems.  I have been looking at the purchase of a latex bed, and the only solution my research has come up with is that you might get around both these issues with 2-3 inches of latex foam.  And to that point, pure organic latex is purported to have little if any offgassing, and has better "shelf life" than a mixture of organic and man-made latex.  There are a number of websites which sell 100% latex toppers, and depending on what your budget is (RE: "for short money") that may be a solution.

I am also trying to field whether, based on this forum, the MF option leads more to the collection of moisture and propagation of mold.  Since my wife is also chemical sensitive, even the chance of mold problems would probably keep my from gambling on a MF option.   I am sure someone in the group will correct me if I am way off base.

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