Looking to Firm up a Tempur-Pedic Cloud.
Dec 28, 2011 9:17 AM
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I have been "trolling" this forum for a few months prior to buying our new Tempur-Pedic Cloud.  Long story short, my wife loves the bed after about 6 weeks, I on the hand do not.  The first 3 nights were, "Ok".  For about the past 2 weeks, I am getting about 5 hours of sleep until I wake-up with a lot of lower back pain.  I think the Cloud is lacking support, and that's causing my pain.  Is there a topper that I could add to my side of the bed to firm it up?



I liked the firmer beds and she liked the softer ones, so I gave in.  I guess we should've got a split king, haha.  I spoke with Bed-in-a-box about their toppers, and they were extremely nice and honest, but said that adding one of their toppers would just make the bed softer.  I spoke to tempur-pedic and they said they same thing.  I don't mind softer if it helps with the pain.  I weigh 161 lbs and thin build. 


I'm hoping someone can help me out and give me some direction.  If "softer" still gives some support I'll gladly drop 300.00 on a topper to get my sleep back.  I have some minor back pain any way as I'm a Deputy and lug around all kinds of things on a duty belt.  Thanks guys.

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Re: Looking to Firm up a Tempur-Pedic Cloud.
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For quite awhile I wished for a Tempur-Pedic, but hesitated as I was not sure enough to purchase.  Then I went to a conference and in the hotel they had just changed out to all new Tempur-pedic beds. This was my chance to check it out!

Sorry to say, I awoke often during the night with very uncomfortable hotspots wherever my body had the most contact (think shoulders and hips).

I don't know if a latex topper could solve your problem, but at least it is breathabe.  No hotspots. 

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