Let's talk pillows
Aug 17, 2011 10:34 PM
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Pillows seem to be overlooked. However, just as important as the right mattress.

Recently bought a Tempur Cloud w/1 Rhapsody pillow & 1 Cloud pillow.

The Rhapsody pillow ended up being too high for me as it kept my head at an upward angle & I was waking up with neck pain. The Cloud pillow was a lot better, but I don't think it's 100% right for me either plus it only comes in standard size. Too small as I have a king bed & it is annoying having to keep moving the pillow as I move.

The Tempur side pillow seems like it would be excellent for me (side sleeper), but it's too small. As of now, I think the only good option for my body is the Tempur neck pillow as it comes in king size.

I really would like to stay with a memory foem pillow, but am open to other options. However, no down (allergies & asthma)

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Has anyone tried the "ErgoSoft" latex pillow?


I emailed the vendor to ask whether the latex was Talalay or Dunlop processed; got a prompt response saying it's Dunlop. The website says 16-18 IFD; I wonder if that'll be too soft for me. I think I'm wanting a firm, low-loft pillow -- something I will *not* sink too deep into -- but I really don't know.

I have a latex pillow (bought cheap at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years ago), but it doesn't get used, 'cause it's way too springy.


Also wondering about the "Nu-Lex Optimum Pillow" -- latex with wool batting & cotton cover:


Looks like a possibility.

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Re: Let's talk pillows
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looking4sleep99 wrote:

IN looking for beds i fell in love with the Tempur neck pillow.  It was like i would melt into the pillow and the bed and it was very comfortable in store.  I went ahead and bought one, but my bed will not arrive until next week so i have only slet on it for 2 nights on a s mattress.  It came a lot harder then the ones i used in the stores, but thats because its not broken in.  I think it will work better on my Tempur bed when i get that as well.  It's not bad and i wondn't say i wake with any neck pain.


There were 2 other pilliow's i  loved in the stores, one was a Tempur pillow, it was very granulated and now for the life of me i cannot find it anywhere.  It's become my mission to find it again, but i have had no luck to date.  The other pillow i really liked was a sealy Embody pillow.  It was very plush and it was nice in the store as well.  The embody pillow is not cheap so i have held off on getting it, maybe i will if i can't get comfortable on the new bed. 


Right, pillows are vital.

The best pillow I have ever head is a normal waist pillow. It is a major comfort factor to my home office. :)

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Has anyone seen this pillow? http://www.pillo1.com/

It's super pricey -- but I laid on one in a store when I was trying mattresses and thought it was really cool.

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